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Apple MacBook Pro (MD101HN/A) (3rd Gen Intel Core i5- 4GB RAM- 500GB HDD- Mac OS X Lion) (Silver)
Rs 476
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Apple MacBook Pro (MD101HN/A) (3rd Gen Intel Core i5- 4GB RAM- 500GB HDD- Mac OS X Lion) (Silver)
Rs 476
Standard delivery: FREE
Rs 296950
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Rs 10430
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Career Related Dilemma and Queries

Dear Sir
I have got admit into NMIMS- Mumbai. I am confused whether to join or try again next year for a better college. i have 22 months of workex in the procurement division and i am interested to pursue operations. You have mentioned in in one of your comparison articles to not join in case of supply chain, kindly provide your invaluable opinion on the same.
1 Day(s) 11 Hour(s) ago Read

Career Related Dilemma and Queries

Hello Varun Sir,

I have done B.Tech but in a branch which doesnt interest me much. There are not much of the core jobs in my Eng. field. I got placed in IT company from my college and worked for 20 months. But lack of growth prospects, learning ( i was in department where i was paid 50k a month just to install applications on servers for clients and learn nothing but still work for 12+ a day) and harsh management (my manager was impressed with my work but was even more furious by my attitude for their policies). I thought of leaving my job and join my dad in business. He is into business which is again by no way related to my Eng. or IT. But now due to some legal issues we are not able to expand business as per plans so i have to work with dad in the same setup he is already running since years letting me end up with no 'responsibility' and hence again nothing much to learn and to cater my interest.

Now, I want to do some new venture for my own with capital from my dad. But I dont have concrete plan already chalked down. I also desire to get MBA from reputed college before i start some serious venture.

My question is, if i wait and prepare for MBA exam to get interview calls from colleges i am soughing after, how will i justify them what i am doing since i left my job. I believe this question itself dents my chances of getting into some seriously good college.

What should i do now when i am on cross road, should i try for jobs again and look for some idea to start. Once i have some backgroud work done on that idea, i should leave the job again and start my venture? or should i just use this time to look for ideas and do research and prepare for MBA. If so, will it no affect my chance of getting into MBA?

By the way its been now almost a year i left my job !

3 Day(s) 7 Hour(s) ago Read

Vocabulary for CAT 2015 through Mnemonics

Day 29

156. amiss
ADJ wrong. Faulty.
MNEMONICS: : a-miss.. its a miss(not a hit).. its a failure. So its wrong. Something is amiss.

157. amity
NOUN friendship
MNEMONICS: : mitwa means friend in hindi. A-mitwa ? a-mity-wa...a friend symbolises friendship

158. amnesia
NOUN a state of forgetfulness
MNEMONICS: : what if u go to somebody and say hi.. I am nesia( but u arent!! ).. who r u? Then u hav forgotten urself!!

MNEMONICS: :: amnesty sounds like ah majesty! And thats how plead the king for pardon..

160. amoral
MNEMONICS: :: its very obvious. A-moral automatically means not moral.

161. Amorous
ADJ motivated in a sexual manner. carnal 

ADJ something which has no definite form or shape
MNEMONICS: :: morphe means shape in greek. Thus morphous is shaped and a-morphous means not shaped.

163. Amphibian
ADJ being able to live both on land and water
MNEMONICS: : amphi is similar to 'ample'. Ample means many, 'many-be-an' which can be equated to can be in many
places like land and water

a large round theatre which is generally open to air. Ex; the greek colosseum.
MNEMONICS: : again amphi is similar to ample. Ample means abundant so the word becomes abundant theatre or a large

165. ample
ADJ many, abundant
MNEMONICS:i have ample apple
4 Day(s) 20 Hour(s) ago Read

Vocabulary for CAT 2015 through Mnemonics

DAY 28

mixed feelings or emotions
Mnemonics:ambivalence ~ am (I) + bi (both) + value; I value both sides and hence have mixed feelings.

a leisurely walk (usually in some public place, perambulation, promenade, saunter, stroll., mosey.
Mnemonics: ambulance is a walking (moving) hospital; somnambulism is sleep walking; ambulatory = able to walk and not bedridden; and AMBLE obviously must mean simply walking

(noun) (classical mythology) the food and drink of the gods; mortals who ate it became immortal, nectar, bitterweed, ragweed, beebread.
• (tag:hindi)AMBROSIA - AMRIT (nectar of life) PIYA (to drink).... and only the Gods had the amrit during the sagar manthan.
• ambrosia sounds like 'ambrut' which is food of gods

a covered walkway (as in a cloister )
Mnemonics: ambulatory ~ ambulance; as he can't walk he need an ambulance;

get better, amend, better, improve, meliorate.
Mnemonics: Take the suffix 'rate'. With the increase in product rate its quality will also improve.

151. Amenable
disposed or willing to comply, comfortable, tractable.
Mnemonics: a MEN ABLE - ABLE MEN are obedient,compliant,readily managed,etc. (are amenable)

set straight or right, rectify, re mediate, remedy, repair, ameliorate.
Mnemonics: amend ~ a + mind; you should have a sound mind to amend you score in mathematics.

NOUN basic comforts that v need.
MNEMONICS: : a-man-at-ease so pl connect it like.amenities is something that makes a man feel at ease. that is some basic comforts he needs

ADJ very friendly,agreeable,easy to go with.
MNEMONICS: : ah-me-able. wow I feel that I am an able person because i Am very friendly.

ADJ on friendly terms with
MNEMONICS: : a-mix(mic)-able. mixable person.mixes very well with others. So is friendly with others
root: 'amicus' means friends so also like amicus-able.. friend-able. Ex: Right now US and Russia share a very amicable relationship

6 Day(s) 11 Hour(s) ago Read
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