2 Weeks to MICAT | Strategy to Score High


With 2 weeks to MICAT, let us talk about MICAT Preparation Tips and the Strategy to score high in MICAT.  However, at the outset, let us first thank you for making Career Anna MICAT Course once again the Best Selling and the Most Trusted MICAT Preparation course. We look forward to have even more than 33% of the next batch at MICA from among our students. 

2 Weeks to MICAT

Let us have a look at the strategy to score high with 2 weeks to MICAT at sectional level.

Section A: Psychometric Test: 35 Minutes

Your answers need not only have consistency, but also need to bring out the leader in you, with good managerial and creative skills. Practice is the only key here. 

Most of our students tend to start clearing the Psychometric students from 2nd / 3rd mock test of Psychometric. No book is available for Psychometric students, so good 7-8 Psychometric Tests with personalized feedback shall help you get through. 

No need of any separate preparation for Psychometric. Keep it natural, but measured to reflect the traits we talked about above. Keep it simple for next 2 weeks when it comes to Psychometric, mocks shall be enough.

There is no cutoff here. You either clear a Psychometric Test or you don’t clear it.

Section B: Verbal Ability: The section typically has:

  1. 2 RC Passages of moderate level. Passages also tend to be lengthy.
  2. Sentence Correction questions of Easy to Moderate level.
  3. Para jumbles.
  4. Fill in the blanks questions.

Attempts should be around 20-22 questions. Cutoff for the section should be in the range of 8-10 marks, considering the average MICAT Difficulty level.

For next 2 weeks, just focus on MICAT Mock Tests for overall verbal preparation. Prepare separately only for vocabulary part, for which either the word list which we have provided in MICAT Preparation course shall suffice. However, if you are not the part of course, you can refer to High Frequency GRE Baron wordlist for vocab based questions. 

Section C: Quantitative Ability: There are 30 questions. Good attempts will be 16-17 in 25 minutes. Level of Quant section has increased in MICAT since last couple of years and you may expect CAT level questions.

Cutoff for the section will atleast be 7 marks, so ensure to be around 10 for being completely safe. However, cutoff for the section should not be more than 8 and not less than 7 considering the average difficulty level of MICAT examination.

Important topics from the section include:

  • Functions and Graphs
  • Circles
  • Quadratic Equations
  • Inequalities
  • Arithmetic 

Do not miss out at practicing the above topics, from any MBA prep book, coupled with MICAT Mock Tests you have.

Section D: Reasoning:

Word Association: 15 questions will be there. 

Verbal Reasoning: There are around 10 questions of this type. Possible question types are:

  1. Statement/Assumption
  2. Statement/Conclusion
  3. Statement/Inference
  4. Data Sufficiency

Visual Reasoning: includes sequences and which figure follows next. There are around 10 questions of this type. 5-6 of these questions will be easy, rest will be difficult. 

Practice from Verbal and Non Verbal reasoning book of R S Agrawal, coupled with practice through MICAT Mock Tests shall suffice here on.

Cutoff for the section will be in the range of 8-10 marks.

Section E: Current Awareness:

The section focuses on:

  1. Business awareness (Corporate Honchos, Events, History of major corporations)
  2. Media Industry Awareness (Major awards, Ad agencies, Ad campaigns, Slogans, Logos)
  3. Basic G.K. about India (very few questions)

No need to hover across tons of websites for this section. E Books which we have provided as part of MICAT Course shall be more than enough. Top 5 E Books which you should not miss at all are: 

  • 2 E Books on Business Awareness
  • 2 E Books on Marketing Campaigns News
  • 1 E Book on Advertising Agencies

Cutoff for the section will be in the range of 8-9 marks based on average difficulty level of the MICAT exam.

Overall Absolute Score cutoff for MICAT is expected to be in the range of 47-50 marks and scaled score around 50-55 marks.

What Should be the Frequency of Taking MICAT Mock Tests from this stage?

  • If taking SNAP, take 1 MICAT Mock Test every 3-4 days, coupled with SNAP Mock Test every 2-3 days, coupled with 1 Essay and Creative Writing Test every 3 days
  • If not taking SNAP, take 1 MICAT Mock Test every 2-3 days, coupled with 1 Essay and Creative Writing Test every 2 days

Part II – Descriptive Writing

Read the Detailed Tips on MICAT Essay Writing HERE.

Divergent Thinking

Read the Detailed Tips on MICAT Creative Writing HERE.

Practice 1 Descriptive Writing Test (i.e 35 min mock test of Essay and Creative Writing) every 2 days and it shall suffice, just ensure to couple it with Personalized feedback based on what MICA is looking for in the write ups. 

Do not miss the MICAT Online Preparation course, which takes pride in the fact that 33% of the current MICA 1st Year students prepared through it last year.