2 Weeks to SNAP 2017 | How to Score 97+ Percentile


With 2 weeks to SNAP 2017, in this article we bring to you How to Score 97+ Percentile to ensure you get the coveted calls from institutes like SIBM Pune and SCMHRD Pune. And before we get to the details, we would like to thank you for making SNAP GK and Mocks Course the best selling SNAP Preparation course, across all online and offline coaching institutes. 

2 Weeks to SNAP 2017

Before we get to the strategy for 2 weeks to SNAP 2017, let us mention few quick points:

  • Exam will be online – you can switch across the sections – no sectional time limit – interface will be 100% like what we are providing in SNAP Mock Test Series 
  • No sectional cutoff in the exam
  • No major change in difficulty level is expected, despite the exam going online
  • You need to apply for every SNAP College separately, Score vs Percentile Projection can be checked HERE

Let us now get to the section wise strategy with 2 weeks to SNAP 2017, to help you maximise your score. 

General English 

Easy pickings in the form of Reading Comprehensions – Practice them well through SNAP Mock Tests and you will see very easy to moderate RC questions. Instead of wasting lot of time building vocabulary, better to use the time with topics like Reading Comprehension and Parajumbles from where you get very easy questions in SNAP as per the past trends. 

More than Foreign words, you will get direct vocab based questions and Phrases and Idioms questions – So better focus on these than searching all over for Foreign words. 

With good performance in RCs, Parajumbles and average vocabulary, you should be able to do very well in the section. All you need is the patience and wisdom of question selection and not let easy RC and Parajumbles pickings go away. 

Attempt of 30-32 will be a good one here.

Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency

Out of 40 questions, expect 6-8 questions from Data Interpretation and they will be easy questions if you are just decent with calculations, especially Percentages and Growth rates. 

Data Sufficiency will be moderate – so give this topic a day and practice it well from Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning book by R S Agrawal, coupled by SNAP Mock Tests

Core quantitative part will be dominated by Arithmetic and you can use R S Agrawal book to practice this. No need to solve Level 2 questions for any topic. Just level 1 of any MBA prep book will suffice. Other important topics are Geometry and Mensuration with some easy to moderate questions. Give 1 to 2 days from here dedicated to these topics to master them for SNAP level questions.

Attempt of 25-27 will be a good one here. 

Current Affairs

Do not forget to study current affairs of 2016 as well. 40% questions are expected from 2016 current affairs, while 60% questions from 2017 current affairs. You can refer to Year Books for this. 

However, if you are the part of SNAP GK Course, just study 2016 and 2017 Factsheets and solve the tests, and you should be all good. 

SNAP has the record of giving some really awkward GK questions, but expect atleast 60-70% to come directly from our SNAP GK Material. 

Give 3 hours daily to GK from here on and attempt of 15-17 will be a good one here. 

Analytical & Logical Reasoning

This has traditionally been the toughest section across all the sections in SNAP examination. Out of 40 questions, expect maximum questions to come from topics like Series, Input Output, Visual Reasoning, Seating Arrangement, Direction Sense, Blood Relations and Coding Decoding. 

Practicing above topics from Verbal and Non Verbal Reasoning book by R S Agrawal shall suffice. 

Attempt of 24-26 shall be a good one in this section. 

Mock Frequency 

1 mock every 2 days from here is a must, especially if SNAP is the main exam you are aiming to ace, after CAT and IIFT debacle.

And alternate days in between should be used to enhance SNAP GK Preparation and practice the topics mentioned as important from different sections in this article. And ENROL HERE if you are still to start taking SNAP Mocks.

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