Common Mistakes Almost Every Student Makes in an MBA Entrance Exam


After years of helping students help in their preparations, I’ve seen few common mistakes they do while preparing for competitive exams like CAT, XAT, IIFT, TISS and other MBA entrance exams. In this article, I have tried to address these mistakes and how you can not only avoid them but also strategize to score higher in MBA entrance exams.

Common mistakes

Let us dive deeper into the topic.

The biggest problem every student face is dividing his/her time into a perfect Study Plan.

Why do they struggle with this?

Because they lack the insight on what it takes to build an effective Study Plan Comprising all the important topics from the syllabus , based on the weightage of every topic in actual exam and not be just misguided by some freelance coaches who have never aced CAT themselves.

Here are the examples of 3 students, to let you know the importance of right Strategic Planning in CAT preparation and how can it impact your performance.

Example 1.  An MBA Aspirant who is Non-Working and is appearing for the exam first time:

  • Time to dedicate: more than 6-8 Hours in a day

  • Clarity of Concepts – A little less as compared to retakers

Here you can see that the aspirant can dedicate a good amount of time in clearing concepts as they have good amount of time to dedicate for the preparation. Studying 6 hours a day and 42 hours a week for 5 months will make sure that you have good concept knowledge and have practiced from ample variety of questions which may come in the exam.

If you look at any successful student from the past, they have a powerful base for the concepts and have practiced and analyzed the mocks effectively. Proper analysis of the mocks help them to continuously increase their scores in mocks and reap major benefits in the actual exam.

Example 2. A working professional, whether appearing the first time or a retaker:

Let discuss first about the one who is appearing for the first time,

  • Time to study: 2-3 hours a day & 8-10 hours on weekends

  • Clarity of Concepts again here is not that much

 For a working professional, it’s very important to divide his time and make an efficient study plan 
according to his timings so that he can have the same edge as compared to the non-working candidates.

Now When it comes to the Re-takers, the edge they already have is the clarity of the concepts. The only thing they need is to find out where they have lacked previously and to work on that and make a plan for that accordingly. For an initial couple of months, they can focus on the section and the topics they were weak in, then move towards the moderate and strong areas for a month, before moving on to focus solely on mocks and their analysis.


The Simplified Equation:

Clarity of Concepts + Practice of Mocks + Analysis of Mocks + Doubts solving form Mentors = Converting the B-schools


You CAN get the dream percentile and the college you want, but if your approach towards the exam is not right, you’ll end up getting a low percentile.


 With the 24*7 guidance and doubt solving, you will be able to get dream percentile in any Competitive Exam.

You’ll also build a tremendous amount of confidence in yourself and will be able to help out your peers.

 The question is—how do you implement all of this?

Simple. With personalized mentorship, actionable steps, regular mocks, and customized study plan as per your schedule, strengths, and weaknesses.

From an experienced, successful person who has already experienced all of this.

All that and much more is available in CAT 2017 Program.




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