Eligibility criteria to join Indian Army as a clerk


Job in Indian Army is always prestigious. Be it in the core army or in the form of clerk. If you are interested in joining the army at a very young age, but could not clear the NDA exams, the best way is to go for the Indian Army Clerk recruitment. This will give you ample career opportunity, just after passing 10+2. There are different criteria to be fulfilled here for your candidature. Just get through the list of the things and prepare yourself for the career ahead. Take your time and develop your skills and your fitness for the below mentioned things.

Age factor

Note that you must be joining the core team at a very young age. The age limit to join the army as a clerk is only 23. all candidates who have appeared for 10+2 or just passed the equivalent exams and is 17.5 years in age, can go for the exams.

Height factor

Your height must be according to the criteria match. According to the criteria, if you are from South India, your height must not be lesser than 166 cm and if you are from other parts of India, except eastern Himalayan region, height must not be less than 162 cm. For the candidates of eastern Himalayan region, height lower limit is 160 cm.

Chest Size and Weight

In each case, whether you are from west of India or from other parts of the state, chest size of yours must be 77 cm or above. In case of Weight, it will be 48 Kg. This is also irrespective of any state boundary. However, there is a small difference in the Indian Army Clerk recruitment criteria – The chest size is the minimum criteria, while the weight factor is the maximum affordable criteria. So, make sure that you are within that. If you are not, do the workout to fit yourself for the post and make yourself eligible. Chest expansion must be at least 5 cm and the other aspects of physiques must be in according to the medical support. Although you are not directly going to be an army officer, you will be in connection with the team and can have to go to the border or battle field. So., fitness is essential in all cases.

Eyesight and other characteristics

Your eyesight must be 6/6 and you must not be using any lenses or spectacles. Dental points must be at least 14 and you must be having a sound mental condition. Doctor’s certification will be mostly needed, although a physical test in all attributes has to be checked in. Finally you must not be having any regular disease like bone decaying or problems in gums, piles etc.

The above stated things are the testing features that you must be going through. However, apart from that, you will have to get through the ZRO centers and finalize your recruitment. The most important thing that you need to have in you is a sound physique, hard working mentality and dynamic potential. If you own all the things, you are perfect for the post and the job.



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