Innovation at IMT Ghaziabad


In our series of articles to highlight innovation and related initiatives at some of the top B Schools of the country, we bring to you Innovation at IMT Ghaziabad today to help you know more about the initiatives at IMT Ghaziabad. “Innovation is one of the three pillars of IMT’s philosophy of grooming leadership. And it is our duty to practice it in everything we do – be it teaching, research or service“, is the belief of IMT Ghaziabad as the institute and it is encouraging to see the reflection of the same in various activities at IMT Ghaziabad.

Innovation at IMT Ghaziabad

IMT Ghaziabad is India’s premier AACSB accredited management school with a distinct focus on Innovation, Execution and Social Responsibility.

As part of the ongoing endeavours for realigning the programme philosophy and delivery with IMT’s vision of “contributing to the development of business and society through excellence in grooming leadership, entrepreneurial talent and research”, IMT Ghaziabad’s Personal Growth Lab is one of the several initiatives which have taken off this academic year. 

Following are the objectives of Personal Growth Lab:

  1. Profiling to help students know their strengths and weaknesses,
  2. Providing feedback to enhance self-awareness without lowering self-esteem,
  3. Self-disclosure and peer/group sharing to help fine tune or correct one’s self image,
  4. Individual and group goal setting through a combination of feeling, self-observing and ruminating, and
  5. Creating a roadmap for self, including career choices.

Also, as an innovative initiative, the institute is also aiming to create and give many entrepreneurs to the country who can go out and create jobs, instead of seeking jobs. 

In the words of Dr. Atish, Director of IMT Ghaziabad “We at IMT believe that going forward it will not be about just the entrepreneurial orientation but creating entrepreneurs. We are very fortunate to have an alumni base of more than 9, 500 out of which more than 300 are Entrepreneurs and CXOs. Some of the best known start-ups are from IMTG, such as Milagrow, PepperFry, PharmEasy, Dare2Compete, Buddy4Study etc. Our alumni are now willing to even fund start-ups and we’re going to have an incubation centre within the institute for the graduating students as well as the alumni which builds an entrepreneurial ecosystem within the institute.

As far as entrepreneurship and innovation is concerned, at least in the South-East Asia reason, IMT Ghaziabad is going to be the leader in the next three to five years and the benefit will start accruing from the class of 2017-19.”

And it does not end here, IMT Ghaziabad has a dedicated group of Faculty working to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the institute. This dedicated group can be CHECKED HERE ON IMT GHAZIABAD WEBSITE.

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