Last Minute Tips for XAT


XAT Exam is due in few hours from now. In this article we bring to you Last Minute Tips for XAT.


Last Minute Tips for XAT

Focus on Accuracy – Do not over attempt due to negative for unattempted questions 

Remember that XAT is a low scoring exam, with difficulty level being the highest across all MBA Exams. Focus on accuracy is very important to ensure you are not losing hard earned marks in negative marking. Let the negative happen for unattempted, and do not just attempt to avoid it. Reason being quantum of penalty for incorrect answer is way more than that for unattempted question and you need to avoid it. 

Can spend 3-4 minutes on a question in Quant

Unlike other exams where you are advised not to spend more than 45 – 60 seconds on a question, you can spend upto 4 minutes per question in Quant with the aim to get the answer correct. Out of 27 questions in quant, even if you can get 13+ marks, you will be in the top 1% of the section and will be all set for a high overall percentile too. There should be no hurry to skip a question in XAT when it comes to quant, if quant is your strong area. Take your time if you think you can ace the question by spending some good time on it. 

Geometry, Mensuration, Trigonometry and Functions & graphs will have a good representation in the paper.

Read RCs carefully – do not be in a hurry


Reading Comprehension is the most tricky part of the verbal section of the paper and hence take good time to attempt RCs. Do not be in the hurry that you end up marking an incorrect answer. Take 2-3 minutes to eliminate the options and ensure you are marking the correct answer. Do not over attempt in the section.

Also, do not forget to revise topics like Direct Indirect, Active Passive and Figures of Speech – topics from which sitters may come in the section.

Maximize the score through Decision Making if weak in Quant

If weak in quant, use Decision Making as the section to maximize your score. Questions here could be tricky and you may find almost all of the options to be correct, unless the question is based purely on mathematical data to take a decision. 

Hence be careful, read wisely, think from the shoes of a CEO and not from that of an employee (unless the question needs that) and come up with the best answer.

Do not worry about GK

Do not spend time revising GK at this hour. Neither are its marks included in XAT percentile calculation nor does the performance matter for any college except XLRI. And even for XLRI, 3-4 marks will be good here to ensure there is no negative perception.

Stay Calm, Composed and Determined

Even if by chance you are not able to solve first 2-3 questions, do not lose calm and composure. You can easily afford to clear the XLRI cutoffs by a good margin even if you have no clue about 15-18 questions in the paper. So do not lose confidence, rather just identify such questions quickly and move on to other questions. 

Do not get panic at any moment from now on. Stay calm and composed and you will do well in the examination. Any panic at this moment might hit you on exam day. So, just focus on staying determined and do not let any pressure build on you. 

If you have studied well and prepared with commitment, no one can stop you tomorrow from doing well in XAT Exam and get the coveted XLRI Call.

Do not forget to carry Admit Card

Do ensure that you are carrying your Admit Card and other relevant documents mentioned in instructions.

Reach on Time

Try to reach the test centre well before the scheduled time, so that you can get accustomed to the environment and the exam aura all around. This will help you calm down your nerves and be more composed when you start the examination.

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