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On popular demand, Creative Writing Expert Ayesha from our team, brings to you in this article All You need to know about MICAT Creative Writing; tips and tricks which will help you score high and differentiate yourself from other aspirants who apply for the Mecca of Creativity and Strategic Marketing, MICA. Without any further delay, let us see what Ayesha has to share (an interactive first person account) with you all about MICAT Creative Writing. 

MICAT Creative Writing

The mantras to ace MICAT creative writing (Story writing)


  • I can’t stress enough on this! Stick to one particular tense and one particular protagonist. You cannot start a story in first person and then suddenly switch to third person narrative.
  • Introduce characters! Without characters your story is going to end up as drab! You don’t want that, do you? Sensible, spunky, or meaningful dialogues  between the characters. 
  • Tension and conflict  between characters should be created if you are at ease with the given pictures! It can be internal or external. You can create conflict You should balance these opposing forces to keep the reader interested in the story and anxious to see how it will be resolved.
  • Add details! About the location, the background, the characters! The story is your canvas! Build it.
  • Talk about how the character feels. You cannot make it boring by adding details such as “she wore a red skirt”. C’mon! Do better. Talk about the way the red skirt reminded the passerby of the red lily back in his childhood home. You get the point?
  • Do not go overboard with the vocabulary. You are preparing for MBA exams. The examiners already know you’re reading Normal Lewis. You Do not have to be a thesaurus in motion. Lucid, yet expressive, with excellent grammar is the best bet.
  • Be quick. Be creative. Be original. Do not try to copy one of those templates that your coaching class would provide or one of those Facebook groups would provide. Remember, as MICA aspirants, you’re supposed to be creative, not just part of the herd.
  • When in doubt about the provided pictures, go for the “Rule of 3 tier structure”
The Rule of 3 Tier Story Telling


Background. Problem. Resolution.


Begin the story with a background, not necessarily complex, but introduce the characters with some peculiarities. Don’t just throw the characters whenever you want without any relevance.


Propose a problem or issue or something which forms the crux of the story. If you’re feeling confident, introduce social, political, philosophical conflicts. If not? Stick to emotional or friendly matters which you are comfortable with.


Resolve the crux, or give some sort of conclusion rather than an abrupt ending. An ambiguous ending is a different thing, but An abrupt ending is one of the worst things you can do. It shows your lack of time management.


Practice. Practice. Practice some more.


Books you may like to check out


Some books which you can refer to understand story writing better, for beginners could be as follows:


Collected Stories by Rabindranath Tagore


Stories From Here And There by Sunil Handa


The Chicken Soup Series (I would recommend the Indian editions of this series as they would be targeting the Indian backgrounds and problems better in their stories.)


Those Pricey Thakur Girls


The Zoya Factor  by Anuja Chauhan (again, These books are based in different parts of India and have the quirkiest style of writing! Also, they are a lot of fun to read. A good, funny, story never hurt anyone, did it?)


In the next edition of How To Ace MICAT Descriptive writing, we shall be covering tips and tricks to improve Essay Writing.


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