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Apple MacBook Pro (MD101HN/A) (3rd Gen Intel Core i5- 4GB RAM- 500GB HDD- Mac OS X Lion) (Silver)
Rs 476
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Apple MacBook Pro (MD101HN/A) (3rd Gen Intel Core i5- 4GB RAM- 500GB HDD- Mac OS X Lion) (Silver)
Rs 476
Standard delivery: FREE
Rs 296950
You Saved:
Rs 10430
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IIM Trichy vs IIM Ranchi vs IIM Rohtak

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Vocabulary for CAT 2015 through Mnemonics

DAY 11

61. Acquiesce:
Meaning: assent; agree passively; comply without protest
Mnemonics: : ac+QUIE+s..concentrate on the part quie. and remember quiet..and yes which means submissive.. or imagine some1 who is quiet will say yes or agree without any protest

62. Acquittal:
Meaning: deliverance from a charge; V. acquit: free from a charge or accusation; discharge from a duty; conduct (oneself) in a specified manner
Mnemonics: : Sounds like accusation quit i.e., to leave something or someone ... or deliverance from a charge..

63. Acrid:
Meaning: bitter (to the taste or smell); sharp; bitterly pungent 
Mnemonics: : remove "r" from acrid, so now it becomes acid n acid is always bitter in taste and when smelt its pungent too

64. Acrimonious:
Meaning: stinging; caustic; bitter in words or manner; N. acrimony: bitter ill-natured animosity in speech or behavior
Mnemonics: : a+cri+moan+us...take cri as cry.....stinging bitter words hurt and moan us and make us cry

65. Acrophobia:
Meaning: fear of heights
Mnemonics: : a-crow, crow fly at a HEIGHT, phobia-fear hence fear of heights

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Logical Reasoning for CAT 2015

DAY 8- SET 2

Ashish, Mohit, Pranjal and Saket secured the top four positions, in no particular order, in a summer project competition called The Daunting Venture 2012 . Each of them was from a different institute among IST, IPD, IDF and IFM and had a different project among P1, P2, P3 and P4. It is also known that:
(i) The project of the person who secured the 4th position was P3 and he was from IFM.
(ii) The person from IST secured the 2nd position.
(iii) The project of the person who secured the 3rd position was P4.
(iv) Mohit s project was P2, and he did not secure the 2nd position.
(v) Ashish was from IDF.

1. Who secured the 1st position?
(a) Pranjal (b) Mohit (c) Saket (d) Cannot be determined

2. If Pranjal was not from IST, then what were the projects of Ashish and Saket respectively?
(a) P3 and P4 (b) P4 and P3 (c) P4 and P2 (d) P4 and P1


From statements (i) (ii) and (iv), Mohit must have secured 1st position and he was from IPD. Now, from statements (i), (ii) and (v), it can be concluded that the position secured by Ashish was 3rd. From statement (iii), his project title was P4. Further analysis leads to the following table

Position secured      Name of the Participant     Project Title    Name of the Institute

1                                   Mohit                             P2                        IPD

2                             Pranjal/Saket                       P1                        IST

3                                   Ashish                            P4                        IDF

4                           Saket/Pranjal                         P3                        IFM

1. b Mohit secured 1st position.

2. d P4 & P1.

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Logical Reasoning for CAT 2015

DAY 8 - SET 1

Four friends - F1, F2, F3 and F4 - visited the New Delhi World Book Fair 2012. Each of them bought a different book among Magic Island, Fragmented Frames, Unlikely Hero and Eternal Romantic. They unanimously decided that each of them would read all the four books in the next four weeks such that each person would read exactly one book in a week, and they would meet at the end of each of the first three
weeks to redistribute the books. It is also known that:
(i) F3 was the first one to read Fragmented Frames, and F1 was not the last one to read the same.
(ii) The first book read by each of the four friends was not the one which he/she had bought.
(iii) The 2nd and the 3rd books read by F2 were Eternal Romantic and Fragmented Frames respectively.
(iv) The 3rd book read by F4 was Unlikely Hero. The last book read by F3 was Eternal Romantic.
(v) The last person who read Magic Island was not F2.

1. Who among the following did certainly not buy Magic Island?
(a) F1 (b) F4 (c) F2 (d) F3

2. Which was the first book read by F1?
(a) Unlikely Hero (b) Magic Island (c) Eternal Romantic (d) Fragmented Frames


As each of the friends read a book in a week and all the four books were read in each of the four consecutive weeks, the order in which a book was read by a person and the order in which a person read this book would have been the same. From statements (i) and (iii), the last one who read Fragmented Frames must have been F4. Therefore, the second one who read Fragmented Frames was F1. From statement (iv), the second one who read Unlikely Hero must have been F3 and that of Magic Island must have been F4 as 3rd book read by F4 was Unlikely Hero; the third one who read Eternal Romantic must have been F1 and that of Magic Island must have been F3 as F3 was the last person to read Eternal Romantic. Therefore, the first one who read Eternal Romantic must have been F4.

                                         1st    2nd    3rd     4th

Magic Island                     F2     F4      F3      F1

Fragmented Frames        F3     F1      F2      F4

Unlikely Hero                    F1     F3      F4      F2

Eternal Romantic              F4     F2      F1      F3

1.c F2

2.a Unlikely Hero

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