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Cut off Percentile for MBA Colleges: Last 3 years Trend

Now that the CAT & XAT forms are out and B-Schools have also started announcing the application process for upcoming academic session, you must be busy thinking which B-School to apply for and which one to skip. There would be multiple parameters running in your minds for deciding the colleges to apply for. One of the major parameters is the cut off of previous years’ so that you know your chances of making it to the GD/PI/WAT shortlist of the respective college. This has 2 major benefits – First being that you save your money by not applying to colleges where you might not have realistic chance to get a call because of your preparation level. And second being that you are mentally prepared to focus your preparation and customize it as per specific colleges.

CareerAnna brings to you this article to give an idea about the cut off scores required for Top MBA Colleges for the past 3 years and hence facilitate better decision making while applying to colleges.

WAT GD PI Helpline

Click on the image to know more about how to crack WAT GD PI

Let us look at the cut off (for general category) data for the last 3 years of some of the Top B-Schools of the country. However, please do note that quite a few colleges might be having caste based reservations as well. Cut off for categories in colleges (which have reservation as per Government of India rule) would be lower than that of general category.

CAT Based Colleges
2013-15 (%ile) 2012-14 (%ile) 2011-13 (%ile)
FMS 98.56 98.73 Own Exam
MDI 95.7 With Sectionals 93.xx With Sectionals 95.31 With Sectionals
NITIE 97.2x With Sectionals 97+ With Sectionals 98+
IIT B 99.07 98.73 JMET
IIT D 98.0x 98.8 JMET
IIT Kgp 97 95+ (Profile Based) 95+ / JMET
IIT M 95.8x With Sectionals 94 (Sectionals 88 each) 96+ / JMET
IIT K 95.2 93 JMET
IIT R 95.75 95 JMET
IMI Delhi 92 (PGDM), 85 (HR) With Sectionals 90 (PGDM) , 85 (HR) With Sectionals 92 (PGDM) , 85 (HR) With Sectionals
TAPMI Everyone called for GD Everyone called for GD Everyone called for GD
IMT Gzb 90 90 94+
MFC/MBE 90+ With weights to other factors 90+ With weights to other factors 90+
MIB/MHROD 91 93.17 93+
BIM Trichy 85 86.xx 90
LBS 85.41 83.xx 83.21
Fore 87.25 , 82.83 (IB) 85.42 , 80.29 (IB) 87+ , 81+ (IB)
Nirma 80 (Sectionals 50 each) 80 (Sectionals 50 each) 80 (Sectionals 50 each)
KJ-SOM 90 (For Both) 90.14 , 80.29 (IB) 90.29 , 80.17 (IB)
IFMR 80 75 86+
LIBA 86 86 Not Available
UBS 81.xx 84.xx 88+
FMS-BHU 84.59 83.8 82.51
NIT Trichy 91 89.83 90+
XIME 60 70 Not Available


XAT Based Colleges
2013-15 (%ile) 2012-14 (%ile) 2011-13 (%ile)
XLRI BM – 91.25 , HR – 88 With Sectionals BM – 90 , HR – 88 With Sectionals BM – 92 , HR – 91 With Sectionals
XIMB 94 (Sectionals 60, 78, 65) 94 With Sectionals 92+ (Sectionals 60)
IMT Gzb 90 90 N/A
GIM 77.04 76.48 77.15
TAPMI Everyone Called for GD Everyone called for GD Everyone called for GD
IFMR 75 75 86+
LIBA 80 (Sectionals 78.81, 50.36, 53.51) 80 (Sectionals Data Not Available) 75 (Sectionals 55, 64, 41)
XIME 60 70 75+


SNAP Based Colleges
2013-15 (%ile) 2012-14 (Marks) 2011-13 (Marks)
SIBM Pune 98.207 91.75 118
SCMHRD 96.504 84.5 113
SCMHRD – IM 90.122 Not Available Course wasn’t run
SIIB 83.xx 80 107
SIBM-B 90.122 75.75 ppi style="border-top: none; border-left: none;">106
SIOM 77.xx 60 82.5

Please note the following points in addition to the above table:

1. IIMs, old as well as new one’s, have various rounds of shortlisting with weightages to various factors such as past academics, work-experience, academic background, gender, etc. So, they don’t have a fixed cut off. Their cut off keeps on varying every year depending on the applicant pool and the mix that respective IIM wants in the upcoming batch. For details, you can check the shortlisting criteria’s of various IIM’s. (Provided at the end)

2. SPJAIN Mumbai releases 2 shortlists. First shortlist is purely based on profiles of applicants. Second shortlist is based on the combination of scores and profiles. Candidates who feature in first shortlist need to score minimum of 85 percentile overall in CAT/XAT. The cutoff  for second shortlist that considers scores as well is usually on the higher end and is observed to be generally in 95+ percentile range.

3. JBIMS Mumbai has not been included in the above table. It earlier used to accept MH-CET score but has moved to CMAT score now. In addition, CAT and XAT score is also accepted. (For details on JBIMS admission process, please visit this link)

4. NITIE Mumbai runs 3 courses. Cut off mentioned in the table above is for flagship course PGDIM. Other 2 courses viz. PGDITM and PGDISEM have lesser cutoffs, with cut off for PGDITM being 1-1.5 percentile less than that of PGDIM and for PGDISEM being slightly lower.

5. IIFT, TISS Mumbai and MICA Ahmedabad conduct their own exams and the cutoff varies depending on the performance of applicants in respective exams. Hence, no concrete information about their cutoff has been put up in the table above.

6. Great Lakes PGPM is only for candidates having more than 2 years of experience. The shortlisting is done on the basis of CAT/XAT Score and Profile. They have recently started PGDM Course also. Cut off for this course is on a lower side as compared to the PGPM Course.

7. The list provided above is only the exam score below which one could not get a call. It does not ensure a call. Reason being that few colleges might have some additional criteria as well. Example: IMI Delhi had an additional cut off for academic scores in Class 10th, 12th and in Graduation. However, there are colleges which consider only the score of written exam to roll out calls for second phase of the admission process; FMS, NITIE and MDI Gurgaon being the examples.

8. Please see that scoring above cut-off marks doesn’t ensure a final convert. Also, there is no cut off as such for a final convert. Final convert in any college depends on various parameters including but not limited to performance in GD/PI/WAT.

Shortlisting Criteria of various IIM’s for CAT 2013:

IIM Ahmedabad Selection Criteria for 2014-2016 Batch

IIM Bangalore Selection Criteria for 2014-2016 Batch

IIM Calcutta Selection Criteria for 2014-2016 Batch

IIM Lucknow Selection Criteria for 2014-2016 Batch

IIM Rohtak Selection Criteria for 2014-2016 Batch

We will update the shortlisting criteria of other IIM’s as soon as they come out.

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  1. 10th – 84%
    12th- 72%
    Btech CPI- 6.0
    0 months work exp.
    how much should i score in CAT(minimum) to make into IIMs(including newer ones too).


  2. Can you tell me evalation criteria of selection process for IIT-Kharagpur.I go through whole criteria that IIT-Kharagpur have mentioned in website still want to know more about it.and also mention 2014 cut off which is declared on 18 february 2014??

    I have got 97.35 percentile with 7.1 CGPA upto 6th sem in engineering ,84% in 12th science and 91.08% in ssc. still I didnot shortlisted for next round.

  3. Have got 99.03 % tile in CAT – what are my chances for FMS and top IIM`s ( older ones )

    • Great chances buddy from score perspective (Assuming you are asking about conversion of calls) – rest will depend on your performance in WAT GD PI round.

      All the best.

  4. sir please help me out!i got 83%ile what colleges i should apply???please do reply sir

    • Rishu

      You can apply to all the colleges in the above list whose cutoff is till 85 percentile.

      Let us know in case of any further doubts.

      All the best.

  5. If TAPMI doesnt call everyone then whats the cut off?

  6. I got 82.87 percentile ,10th 84.4 and 12th 70.4 … general category,suggestion for best clg please..!

  7. Abhishek Somvanshi

    I have scored 93.78%ile in CAT. I belong to General Category.
    Please suggest some good colleges that I might get admitted in.

  8. I got 74.93 percentile , n i m from general category, In which college i have to try

  9. Got 60.12 percentile in cat .plz suggest some good colleges

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  13. 96.54 overall percentile, VA-99.84, QA-61.03
    where should i apply?

  14. Got 89.98%tile…Xth-85%; XII-58.6%; B.Tech-8.45 cgpa with 4 years of experience in service, working with PSU.
    Wat r my chances for great lakes 1 year program. Pl suggest

  15. i have got 79.18 percentile in cat ,10th=67 ,12th=60, B.tech(C.S)=67 , PG Diploma from CDAC(Bangalore) sir please guide to which all colleges i can apply….

  16. i have overall 91%ile.. VA-86.46 & QA-90.36 .. category-GEN.. 12th- 76.2% .. 10th-85.6%
    please suggest some good colleges

  17. got overall 64 in cat ist sec=24, secondsection=90 from sc backgroundand cat 2013

  18. 79.18 percntile.. some good colleges please!!

  19. got 56.99 % tile in CAT..I know its not good..but please suggest some decent colleges in delhi ncr to get admission into.
    reply asap.
    thanq in advance

  20. Got 190 in nmat.. what are my chances for other two campuses save Mumbai.
    How do they rank

  21. sir,
    can please tell about expected cut off for nmims hyderabad and banglore campus

  22. Do I need to apply separately for JBIMS incase I have taken only CAT/CMAT

  23. What is LBS ? Which college is that ?

  24. GIM is accepting CAT scorealso..may i know the cat cut off for GIM?

  25. Awesome research. Thanks for all the detailed analysis.

  26. Since mh-cet is back, can you post an article regarding it’s estimated cutoffs?

    • We cannot post cutoffs without knowing the difficulty level of the paper. The cut-offs keep changing according to the level of the paper.

      Thanks for reading,
      CareerAnna Team

  27. superb man u solve my lots of problem and help me in saving my money,now i can easily decide which form to be filed.thank you

  28. Please add XIMB to CAT based colleges as it accepts both CAT and XAT now

    • Buddy,

      Would be great if you can provide the CAT cut off for last year and then we can add it in the table. Table basically lists the cutoffs available! :)


  29. Look no further

    CAreer Anna is creating its own niche MBA portal for one stop pre MBA college research and other things


  30. could u tell me more about ubs(chandigarh) ?? I mean the placement scenario for its MBA general program …how are the placements for finance profile and also is there any scene of summer placements there???

    • It’s average from final placement perspective and just below average from summer placement perspective. However, some decent faculty and good RoI is what it is known for.

      All the best.

  31. TAPMI didnt call every1 for a GD…! Pls correct it…

  32. dont you think that cuttoff of xlri is low as compared to ximb while cuttoff must be higher compared to ximb

  33. Nice article there , really helpful for the aspirants .

    Small correction – Tapmi did not call everyone last year ( i was not called for TAPMI) , and GIM had sectional cutoffs last year

  34. @avinash bhai : Could you please specify the last person’s %ile who converted FMS , IIT B . NITIE , MDI

    • Buddy,

      1. NITIE has sectionals of 90 each.
      2. MDI used to have sectional cutoff has 80 but now there is just an overall cutoff, however below certain sectional score (mostly 80), it is tough to convert.


  35. Picture of cut offs have never been clear but still this article can make us conclude something out of it

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  38. Shishank Dahiya(IMI D, PGDHRM, 2012-2014)

    Great job man. Too good. People would definitely benefit from this.

  39. very much thank u brother..this was very much needed..earlier there was threads in website..lots of discussions and at the last no one can give an idea about the probable cut off..than you so much

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