IIM Bangalore Announces Selection Criteria for CAT 2013 (2014-2016 Batch)

Yesterday, we have posted about IIM Lucknow’s selection criteria for 2014-2016 batch.

WAT GD PI Helpline

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Now, IIM Bangalore has announced the Selection Criteria for its batch of 2014-2016 that is to be selected after CAT 2013. The minimum percentiles for PGP course according to Sections as well as according to different categories have been laid out. Candidates who secure less than the following will not be considered for the next stage.

Minimum CAT Percentile IIM B

This is how it was done for CAT 2012 and a similar process will be done for CAT 2013.

The previous academic scores of the remaining candidates will now be taken into consideration. Just as was the case with IIM Lucknow, IIM Bangalore will be taking your percentile score in your respective board into consideration. This would neutralize any board related advantages. This is done for the 10th and 12th scores.

IIM B Academic weights

IIM Bangalore mentions that it would be adjusting graduation scores within their respective categories in order to arrive at an adjusted score. For professional courses, Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accounting and Company Secretary certifications are given extra weights under professional courses. IIM B Grad score adjustment image 3 Weightage is also given to work experience with the best score for work experience of 36 months. What’s unique here is the quality of work experience. IIM Bangalore will give points between 0 to 2 for the quality of your work experience. Check the image for details: IIM Bangalore Work ex weightage image 5The maximum score for work experience or the professional course score is 10.  Work experience image 4 IIM Bangalore image 3 Apart from work experience or professional course weightage, the remaining weights for the other 4 components (standardized) are CAT : 20, 10th: 15, 12th: 10, Bachelors: 15. So, no question of injustice here as all academic scores will be standardized. Based on the 5 components (CAT, 10th score, 12th score, Bachelors score and Work Ex/ Professional Course weightage), pre-PI list will be created. One interesting thing to be noted here is the point 9. In the shortlist (Pre-PI) that has been created, top 10 students in each sectional (Section 1 and Section 2) and aggregate CAT Score, as well as top 10 students in adjusted 10th, 12th, bachelors and professional course will be automatically qualified for PI based on their excellent scores. IIM Bangalore overall weights image 3 Enough students from this list will then be called for phase II where students will then be scored on these components: i.   Note Content ii.  Note Style iii. Personal Interview iv. Review of Work Experience All candidates will have to provide three confidential reference letters from previous employers or faculty. Check image below for more details. Phase II starts image 8 The work experience score (0 to 5 till now) will then be multiplied with a multiplication score based on the quality of the work experience on a 5 point scale (0-0.5-1-1.5-2) taking the maximum possible score on work experience to 10. So, for example, if you have 36 months of work experience and get 5 point on the same and your work ex. quality is given a score of 1.5 during the PI, your total score would be 7.5 on work experience. Phase II Weights image 9As you can see in point 14 shown in the image above, the weights for note content (7.5), note style (7.5), personal interview (20) will be added to the pre-PI total and a final score will be made. Candidates will be called on the base of this final score. Check the notification on IIM Bangalore Website by Clicking HERE Best of Luck!! What are your views on the Shortlisting Criteria used by IIM Bangalore? Let us know in the comments. (Special Thanks to Vishal Kumra for notifying CareerAnna about the update)