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First Look at NMAT 2014: 75+ correct attempts should be good

The NMAT 2014 began today and the experience was smooth for most of the students. Students were asked to come with proper documents and had to go through a identity check procedure before the actual exam. We have already shared a final checklist yesterday please go through this (click here to see the article) before you take the exam.

EXAM Pattern

Paper had 120 questions with sectional timings as has been the case in previous years. Sectional distribution of Questions and Timings was as given below:

Section Number of Questions Allocated Time
QA + DI 48 60
VA+RC 32 22
LR+AR 40 38
Total 120 120

Students were allowed to choose the order of the sections to be attempted.

Analysis of the Paper

Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation Section

Section Difficulty Level: Moderate

Sections Topics Covered
Quantitative Aptitude Arithmetic
Number System
Profit and Loss
Time Speed and Distance
Coordinate Geometry
Data Interpretation Pie Chart Based
Bar Graph Based
Table and Line Graphs
Data Sufficiency Based Questions

There were about 3 sets of DI questions which were relatively lengthy. Questions in DI were based on the percentages and ratios. There were around 3 question on Data sufficiency as well as were relatively easy.

Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension Section

Section Difficulty Level: Easy

Sections Topics Covered Number of Questions
Verbal Ability Vocabulary Based 6-9
Sentence Correction 2-3
Parajumbles 2-3
Cloze Test 4
Reading Comprehension 3
Grammer Based( Prepositions) 5

Vocabulary based questions were moderately difficult , while grammar based questions were relatively straightforward.

The reading comprehension section had 3 sets which were quite easy and direct.

Logical Reasoning and Analytical Reasoning Section

Section Difficulty Level: Moderate

Sections Topics Covered
Logical And Analytical Reasoning Step Based
Strong and Weakning Arguments
Arrangement Based
Alphanumerical Puzzles
Series Based
Logical deductions
Family Tree
Assumption and reasoning
Word Analogy

The overall section was relatively easy and with questions were spread across variety of topics. Most papers had about 2 questions from word analogy.

The paper was quite moderate in difficulty with Verbal being the easiest and rest of the 2 sections with moderate difficulty level. Our analysis says that a correct attempt of 75+ should be good enough to fetch a call for phase 2. This was our first look at NMAT 2014, stay tuned to careeranna for more.

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Disclaimer: 75+ is expected cutoff for NMAT 2014 and should not be your target as the maximum you want to achieve. You should not restrict yourself to it. Try to maximize your score to the best possible. We would not be responsible if the cutoffs are higher


  1. can i find Mock NMAT tests anywhere that I can practice from?

  2. when will nmat october 2013 result be announced?

  3. Dont know about the credibility of LR section being easy and all…because i had given on first day first slot and found LR quite lengthy and tough.
    And on average i score 120+ in Mocks and LR i have almost 100% hit rate in CAT level mocks.
    Also all my fellow peers agree with me on this on reliable forums like pagalguy.com

  4. @kiran,harsh

    Speed reading is the key here. Everyone will be facing this crunch. Identify the easy passages first and start with them. Try to get maximum accuracy here. In the one left which is the challenge try to solve as man questions as you can.

    If 3 passages with 3~4 questions each, 7~9 questions will be easy once you read through the passage. Then focus on the rest of the paper which is relatively easy. Come back to the questions you are unsure of, if you have the time.

    Remember time is short for everyone.. its how you manage your cool in this pressure situation which will take you forward.

    ATB :)

  5. Hey people,

    NMAT has always been about speed and accuracy and this time “Level of VA questions were quite easy and direct”. So i don’t think you will face any issues while attempting this section. Even the RCs were direct. :)

    Abhishek Mukherjee

  6. va rc in 22 minutes quite impossible how to manage please do suggest me some tips sir?

  7. VA-RC ..32 questions in 22 minutes ..bhaut naa insaafi hai….same in LR AR too.. :(
    Can you please give some speed tips for this section to maximize score..i know no negative marking.

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