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There are many reasons why developing English Vocabulary is difficult. However, it doesn’t have to be difficult. We just need to know what language is and ace the right way to master English Vocabulary. We bring to you this special Free Course named English Vocabulary Videos to help you develop the acumen in English Vocabulary.

English Vocabulary Videos

What differentiates this English Vocabulary Videos course from many other videos which you may see floating on internet is the way we have tried to explain each and every word to you. 

We have come up with:

  • Ways to remember the meaning of the word
  • Usage of the word to help you have contextual understanding
  • Synonyms and Antonyms of the word
  • Trick to correlate the word with your real life happenings

We will be releasing the English Vocabulary videos every alternate day as the part of this Free Video course. 

Every set of Video will have 5 English words, with their meaning, antonyms and synonyms, sentence usage and much more.


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Ayush is a full time educator with Career Anna, MDI Gurgaon Alumnus and CAT 99.5+ Percentiler. He has earlier been associated with multiple offline coaching institutes like IMS and CL and been among their top faculty in Delhi-NCR.

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