With CAT Exam a week from here, we bring to you in this article what needs to be kept in mind when you there is 1 week to CAT – what are the nuances to be taken care of and what mistakes should be avoided.

1 Week to CAT Exam

Avoid Studying anything New

This is the biggest mistake which many aspirants make. They try to learn and practice everything they are left with in CAT Syllabus, during last few days; which is a very wrong approach. 

You have studied all you could have studied so far. Now just revise and strengthen your hold on concepts you already know – do not start studying anything new. It will be of no good. 

Mock Frequency

Another mistake which candidates do is that they try attempting 2-3 mocks every day in the last week. Please do avoid this mistake. 

At max, you should be taking only 2 full length CAT Mocks. And please avoid AIMCATs in the last week, they may unnecessarily demotivate you with their difficulty level, while it is very important to keep the morale and confidence high during the last week to CAT Exam. 

You can opt for 1 sectional test for next 4 days, for the section you are weakest in.

Past CAT Papers

Please ensure you have solved past papers of atleast 2000-2008. This will give you the best practice and best idea of what can be expected in the actual exam. 

Despite the fact pattern may be different in different years, variation in difficulty level remains within the limits you will experience in the range of 2000-2008. 

If not for all the years above, 2000-2004 is the must to solve at this point of time. 

Revision holds the key

Do ensure that you are revising the concepts, short cuts and more importantly, the questions which you missed solving correctly in mocks due to some silly mistakes. You need to overcome all such silly mistakes and solve the exam most effectively on D-Day. 

Stay Calm and Composed

CAT Exam is more of attitude on the D-Day and less of aptitude. So, stay calm, composed and confident for D-Day. Back yourself, back your current preparation and try to extract the most out of it on D-Day. 

Do not be influenced at this stage by what your friends are doing, how much they are scoring in mocks etc. etc. Can even try to keep yourself away from such friends whose talks unnecessarily demotivate you. 

Listen Motivational Songs, Pursue Your Hobbies

Try to take out sometime away from intense preparation for an hour daily for this last week. It is very important for you to relax and keep your mind fresh, and not over saturate it. 

Listen motivational songs, pursue hobbies, go for a drive and may be even watch Alia in Dear Zindagi for some worst PJs 😉 But do keep yourself calm, relaxed. 

All the above will ensure you are equally determined and fresh to take on CAT coming week. 

Cheers and All the best to All. 

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