After bringing to you 30 Days to IIFT : Strategy to score high; we now bring to you 10 days to IIFT to help you ensure a high score. With just 10 days to go for IIFT and then it being followed up by CAT 2015 on 29th November, many of you are panicking. We request all of you to not to panic, stay calm and focused and with a good preparation so far you will be able to do well in both IIFT and CAT. While we will be taking up how to strategize for CAT in remaining days, in this article on 10 Days to IIFT, let us know the tips to ensure a high IIFT Score. 

10 days to iift

10 Days to IIFT : Tips to Ensure a High Score

With just 10 days to IIFT, there is very little time left for revision and hence it is important to use the time effectively and efficiently. Do not just keep practicing problems from individual topics, but you must revise concepts and shortcuts once atleast to help you in strengthening what you have already studied and to ensure you do not forget the tricks on the exam day.

Important exam tips for IIFT 2015

1. Maintain Sectional Balance

Sectional cut-offs is a mystery in IIFT exam. IIFT doesn’t reveal its sectional cut-offs. Attempting less questions in a section can affect your overall score. So, candidates must attempt a fair number of questions in all the four sections. After you have uniformly attempted all sections, pick up your strong section and maximize your score. As per trends analysis, no sectional cutoff will be more than 25% marks allocated to the respective section. (Remember that IIFT has differential marking for different sections). Hence, it is important for you to take atleast 1 IIFT Mock every 2 days from here to ensure you are well accustomed to IIFT.

2. Start with easy questions and then move to moderate

Coming from the team where each member in the core team has cracked IIFT themselves, we strongly recommend that in order to maximize the score, you must always start with the easy questions. Try to attempt all the easy problems initially to secure marks. After you are done with the easy part of the test, go for the tricky problems. With this you can dedicate time to difficult questions without the fear of losing marks in the easy questions. 

3. Have a Proper Time Management

Time plays a major role in IIFT entrance exams. Basically, IIFT is a speed test. You have to answer correctly within the desired time frame. If you fail to cope up with the paper in the allotted time, chances of getting a good score decreases. Therefore, managing time in the exam is necessary. You are still left with 10 days. Take up mock tests and try different time strategies. Find the best one for you.

4. Exam strategy

When one has to work with time and accuracy, it is recommended to work with a strategy. Due to nervousness and exam pressure, people tend to get confused while attempting the paper. Whereas if you know exactly where to start and how much time to devote, it becomes easier to appear for the exam. You can develop your own exam strategy with practice. Practice previous years’ papers (we have given these in the form of sectional tests in IIFT Mocks Package) and mock tests. Make an exam strategy and try to stick to it.

Also, always have a back-up plan in place. There could be a surprise overhaul in the exam. So instead of panicking, you should be prepared to handle it.

5. General knowledge

IIFT has GK as one of its sections and this section usually comes as a stand alone. You must read a lot to score well in GK. The questions in this sections can be from current affairs, international policies, business, punch line of companies, top officials of big companies, major corporate events, famous award and prizes, world records, books and authors, science, history, geography, etc. 

However, we have already refined the content for you and provided you some useful collection of IIFT customized GK ebooks in IIFT GK Package and if you can go through its booklets, you need not worry at all about GK. Last year, we had 23 out of 26 questions from our GK Material and Tests, and this year again we expect minimum of 80% to be from our material.

6. Accuracy

For every wrong answer in IIFT exam, 1/3 marks of the concerned question is deducted. Thus, it becomes important to maintain accuracy. Selection of questions directly affects accuracy. Answering all questions in the given time will not help in scoring full marks. It depends on number of right and wrong answers. Avoid wild guesses. If you doubtful about the answer of a question, better to skip it. Try to maintain accuracy with speed.

7. No new topics

Do not take up any new topic in last few days before exam. Last days should be dedicated in strengthening old concepts. Studying new topics might end up confusing you.

Wish you all good luck for IIFT Exam.

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