Things to do for CAT 2019 Exam Preparation: With CAT 2019 just a few months away what shall you do now to score well in the exam? Searching here and there will fetch you fragmented suggestions. This article aims to provide a holistic approach to crack CAT 2019. At this point, it is very important to utilize your time effectively, spend your time in the right direction and define your priorities. There are 10 most important things that you should consider while preparing for CAT 2019. 

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Things to do for CAT 2019

10 Most Important Things to Do for CAT 2019 

Start right: The toughest journey starts with a single step. Make sure to start right. Set a timetable for your everyday preparation and strike a balance between your work, study, and recreation. Always build up right & appropriate basics. One can join an Online CAT Coaching to get a thorough understanding of the syllabus and basics.

Manage time: Time is the key while preparing for CAT and while writing the final CAT exam. Organizing yourself will help immensely. Set out time for each and every topic under each section. While attempting the CAT 2019 exam, set a time limit for each question and make sure you do not end up wasting time on a question which is extremely tough and time taking. 

Think differently: Pave your own path and a customized plan for your CAT 2019 preparation. Create your own strategies that are tried and tested by you and which works well for you. Keep that conviction, courage, and confidence in you which will make you stand out at the end of the day. 

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Formulae & Shortcuts: Keeping the formulae, tables, squares, cubes, and square roots for numbers up to 50 on your tips will help you save a lot of time while solving the Quant, DILR sections. Such handy tips will quicken your calculations. Also, work on your mental calculations and do not rely on calculators. Using mnemonics (tricks to memorize easily), can be highly useful to remember long derivations, formulas. A lot of books and materials are available in the market, which teaches mnemonics. This, in turn, reduces the time for preparation and increases memory power.

Strengths are your scoring areas: The sure-shot mantra of success in CAT is mastering and focusing on your strengths. Strengths are the areas you are good at or that interest you. Practice and polish your key areas and turn them into your score boosters. Also, understand those areas you dread and target them separately. Make them your strengths.

Learn to leave lengthy and difficult questions: Every student must learn to leave the very difficult question in case they take too much time to get solved. There is no place for any guesswork in the exams which have negative marking, so it should be avoided even in all the practice tests and assignments. 

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Solving previous year question papers: Practice previous year questions subject-wise and further chapter-wise. This should be done alongside your CAT preparation. It is always a good habit to read old CAT exam questions, as this gives you a good idea about the pattern of the examination. Not just topic-wise, but also question-wise preparation is required to easily crack CAT entrance exams.

Write mock test: Writing CAT Mocks Tests and simulating CAT exam like scenario is a very crucial aspect. Mocks help you understand where you stand and what kind of strategies work for different types of questions. It is a means to test as how well you can apply the concepts. Regular Mocks and analysis is a must for every aspirant. You can simply not neglect your mocks thinking about attempting them later when you are prepared. Attempting mocks and thoroughly analyzing them is a part of preparations and seeing the detailed answers, analysis, video solutions will help you to gain an extra advantage in tricks and tips. You must spend 5–6 hours analyzing every mock. Revising them before mocks, later on, helps you in not repeating the mistakes again. 

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Track your progress: It is very essential to track your progress. Unless you do not analyze your mistakes and mock tests, there is no point further preparing for CAT. You may be writing 2 mocks per week, but they are only going to help if you understand where you went wrong or how you could have done better and attempted a few extra questions. Keep a note of the score, time and number of mistakes you make and try to rectify them. 

Group discussions: Group discussions are a boon in the preparation for any entrance exams. Each one from the group knows something and has a unique skill set. While taking part in group discussions, everyone shares the knowledge he/she knows. This small share, in turn, helps all the participants to understand all the topics, which were discussed in the group discussions. Always remember, peer learning is extremely useful, and particularly for a competitive exam like CAT. In other words, you can always solve what you can solve but when you come across what topics others have stumbled upon, or have doubts on, then your skills on those topics also get honed. 

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One of the major prerequisites for CAT preparation is to completely eliminate fear as this is a major obstacle. Stay calm and face your fears and focus on improving your strengths and weaknesses. Finally yet importantly, taking care of your personal and mental health is very important. Forget how many months are remaining for CAT 2019, rather design weekly plans and plan each day. This is all you need to do. Hope this outline helps. Wish you all the very best!