Time has come to forget how your MBA exams went this season, the time has come for you to focus the bird’s eye in MHCET 2016 and ace it big time to ensure you get some of the top colleges like JBIMS Mumbai and Other Top B Schools. We have been getting quite a few queries asking if 30 days is a sufficient time to score high in MHCET 2016? Can one score 140+ score in MHCET 2016 with 30 days preparation? The answer is – Yes, you can. And to address the queries around study plan from here, we bring to you today 30 days Study Plan for MHCET 2016.

4 months study plan for cat 2015

30 Days Study Plan for MHCET 2016

30 Days of dedicated effort, commitment and self belief along with focused preparation – and no one can deny you the seat in JBIMS Mumbai and other top MHCET Colleges. Do remember that MHCET is more of a pure speed based test, throwing 200 questions at you and with no negative marking. This takes the Cutoff Scores of MHCET Colleges on the higher end.

So let us get to the study plan.

Stage Duration Start Date End Date Activities
Diagnose to see where you stand 1 day 12 Feb 13 Feb
  • Before beginning the preparation, do the diagnosis to check where you stand currently. This helps you in getting familiar with the paper pattern as well as have a brief idea of what could be your strong areas and what are going to be your weak areas. 
  • To make this diagnosis more useful, you may classify the topics during the analysis stage in 4 quadrants – Q1: High Speed High Accuracy Q2: High Speed Low Accuracy Q3: Low Speed Low Accuracy Q4: Low Speed High Accuracy
Time to strengthen the concepts and build on Applications – Becoming Great is the key! 10 Days 14 Feb 23 Feb
  • Before working on topics falling in any of the above quarters, first work on topics like Visual Reasoning which comprise of Picture series, Folding Unfolding etc. and are termed as Abstract Reasoning. There will be 25 questions of this type in MHCET 2016.
  • Topics falling in Q1 are your strong areas followed by the topics in Q4 and Q2.
  • Start focusing on these topics in a planned manner to practice them starting from the concepts and practice their Level 1 from any MBA book which you have been using. Try avoiding Level 2 of any of the books – it is not needed at all.
  • For improving on topics in Q4, try to understand and apply the short cuts and pointers to solve questions which help in time saving.
  • But do ensure that you have taken 2-3 MHCET Mocks during this time as well.
Time to improve the weak areas where there is a possibility – Prevention is better than cure 4 Days 24 Feb 28 Feb
  • Topics falling in Q3 are your most weak areas. Start from concept building stage first and ensure you practice enough to be able to solve their conceptual questions.
  • Challenge yourself by taking the difficulty level a notch higher and follow every such session with in depth analysis of the questions that you solved. Work in this manner and this will ensure that you do not miss out at sitters of your weak areas and lose the competitive advantage over others by not solving the sitters in your set.
  • Take 1 MHCET Mock during these 4 days and see if your score is improving.
Take Mocks, Practice Sectional Tests and Revise  12 days 29 Feb  10 Mar
  • 8-10 Mocks during this period – to ensure you are upto the mark with speed and fast calculations needed to ace the paper
  • Do not forget to analyse the mocks, see where you are lagging, what kind of questions are reducing your speed in the paper and in the next mock, try to attempt such questions at the end which were speed breakers for you in the previous mock. Gradually, you will know if there is a specific pattern in such questions and you can refine your exam attempting strategy accordingly.
Time to prove yourself and ace the exam 12/13 Mar
  • Stay calm, composed, determined on the actual exam day.
  • Play at your strengths, do not stick to a question for more than 45 seconds if it is not clicking
  • Attempting all the questions is not a bad idea as the exam has no negative marking
  • Aim for a score no less than 160 marks



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