With 30 days to IIFT and CAT 2015 a week after it, we have been getting many queries around how to fine tune the preparation that one can prepare effectively for IIFT as well, alongside the CAT 2015 Preparation. In this article we bring to you Strategy to Score High with 30 Days to IIFT. 

30 days to iift

30 Days to IIFT

Difficulty Level of IIFT 2015

Difficulty level of the exam is expected to be moderate to difficult, as per the past trends. Also, IIFT exam paper is usually well round to cover almost all the topics. Rarely will you find a topic missing altogether from IIFT question paper.

Different Sections

Certain sections like DI are known to be highly calculation intensive and close options (which remove the approximation trick of faster calculations). However, such DI sets are easy and can be leveraged to score 100% if one is fast with calculation.

We also suggest students to not to go with a mind set of any specific grouping of sections as IIFT keeps on changing the combination of areas under one section. 

Point to remember is that there is no fixed number of questions in IIFT, total or section wise. While total number of questions could be anywhere in a range of 120 to 130, section wise pattern could go anywhere from 25 to 40 questions in each section. Total maximum marks of the paper will be 100. 

Quant usually has the highest weightage in the paper, followed by Verbal Ability + Reading Comprehension, followed by Data Interpretation and then Logical Reasoning, followed by General Knowledge. Weightage per question will be minimum for GK and highest for Quantitative Aptitude and Reading Comprehension.

Verbal Ability + Reading Comprehension

Difficulty level of the section is usually moderate. 

RCs are long but easy to solve. Hence, if you spend sometime reading the RC well (or first reading the question and then finding the answer), you may solve RC questions with 100% accuracy. Usually only direct questions will be asked. Very minimal inference based questions could be there and hence this is a good opportunity to maximize your score. 

Do Not Ignore Importance of GK – Use it to maximize your score in just 10 minutes

GK section in IIFT consists of analytical, policy know hows and environmental awareness of the surroundings as well. This is over and above the importance given to International Affairs and Business happenings. Number of questions in the GK Section may vary anywhere between 25 to 30 and have approximately 15% weightage of the total maximum marks. Usually there are sectional cutoffs in IIFT and one cannot completely skip any of the sections. However, if we prepare intelligently, we can easily grab atleast 75 to 80 percent of the IIFT GK Questions correctly and ensure that we have maximized our score. Not to forget here that IIFT gives high importance to the written exam score in the final convert and hence higher score will always help.
Important components of General Awareness in IIFT entrance would be as follows-
A. Conventional
B. Business, Finance & Economy based
C. Current Affairs India (Political, Social, Sports, Films, awards etc.)
D. International ( personalities-past & Present, global events etc.)

Each part needs due weightage. Conventional GK is available in books; Current GK is based on current reading of newspapers and periodicals; Business & Economics GK reflect the changes in Fiscal and monetary policy, CRR, Repo Rate, Devaluation and up valuation of Rupee.

Know what to study for IIFT GK

We will keep it crisp and clear here. We will not suggest you to study from 50 different sources, get confused and at the end, stop studying for GK out of the frustration. Two simple things to refer here: 

1. You may refer to GK Capsules provided by TIME and/or CL – They are decent. 

2. Last but certainly not the least, just religiously study the IIFT GK Material which we provide to you in our IIFT GK Course and IIFT Mocks+GK Combo Course. Rest, leave it on us to prepare the content focused on IIFT Pattern and we assure that you will be able to solve more than 75% of the GK Section in just 10 minutes.

Frequency of IIFT Mocks

At this point of time, we will recommend you to take 1 Full Length IIFT Mock every 3-4 days, followed by indepth analysis to understand where you are going wrong and what can be corrected, to be able to further maximize your score. 

You should solve atleast 8-10 Full Length Mocks to be well acquainted with the IIFT Exam Pattern and Difficulty Level of the examination.

Time Management

Avoid wasting time on one question. You may have less than one minute per question in IIFT as against in CAT where you have almost more than double the time per question.  Time consuming, confusing questions with doubtful answer options may not be attempted to save time and can be relooked at the end, if you have time left in hand. Do not spend more than 1 minute on a question if you are not able to get even the meaning of it, and do not spend more than 2 minutes on a question, if you are not close to the final answer in initial 2 minutes.

Also, remember to balance your time across every section is important since sectional cut off is also applicable.

One of the various ideal Time Distribution strategy could be 12 minutes for GK, 25 minutes for Verbal + RC, 20 minutes for Data Interpretation, 25 minutes for Reasoning and remaining time for Quantitative Aptitude. 

Expected Cutoff

Seeing the past trends and the increase in competition, expect IIFT Cutoff for a Essay/GDPI call to be around 42 to 44 marks at overall score level. 

Remember that IIFT gives high weightage to written exam score and hence try to target a score of 50-55 to ensure that you have good chances to convert the call. GK section (if well prepared) can help you out here.

Wish you all good luck for IIFT 2015 Exam!

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