We have been getting quite a few queries asking if 4 months time is sufficient enough to crack CAT? Can one score 99 percentile in CAT with just 4 months? Can I get calls from IIMs if I start preparing for CAT from August? What should be the strategy for the next 4 months to crack CAT 2019? To address all these queries, today we bring to you the 4 Months Study Plan for CAT 2019. 

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4 Months Study Plan for CAT 2019

Stage Duration Start Date End Date Activities
Diagnose to see where you stand 2 days 3 Aug 5 Aug
  • Before beginning the preparation, do the diagnosis to check where you stand currently. This helps you in getting familiar with the paper pattern as well as in having a brief idea of what could be your strong and weak areas. Any old mock or preferably old paper should be used for the diagnosis purpose. 
  • To make this diagnosis more useful, you may classify the topics during the analysis stage into 4 quadrants: 
  • Q1: High Speed High Accuracy
  • Q2: High Speed Low Accuracy
  • Q3: Low Speed Low Accuracy
  • Q4: Low Speed High Accuracy
Time to strengthen the concepts and build on Applications – Becoming Great is the Key! 4 weeks 5 Aug 5 Sep
  • Topics falling in Q1 are your strong areas followed by the topics in Q4 and Q2. Start focusing on these topics in a planned manner and practice them starting from the concepts, then increasing the difficulty level gradually followed by topic wise tests.
  • Ensure that you do not get complacent for topics in Q1 and miss out the concept building part. Being good with concepts, not only helps you to leverage the strong areas but also helps in speed based tests like SNAP, NMAT, etc as well.
  • For improving topics in Q4, try to understand and apply the short cuts and pointers to solve questions which help in time-saving.
Time to improve the weak areas where there is a possibility – Prevention is better than cure 2 weeks 6 Sep 20 Sep
  • Topics falling in Q2 are your most weak areas. Start from concept building stage and ensure you practice enough to be able to solve their conceptual questions.
  • Challenge yourself by taking the difficulty level a notch higher and follow every such session with in-depth analysis of the questions that you solved.
  • Work in this manner and this will ensure that you do not miss out at sitters of your weak areas and lose the competitive advantage over others by not solving the sitters in your set.
Take Mocks, Practice Sectional Tests and Revise  18 days 21 Sep  8 Oct
  • Begin this stage by revising the concepts of all important topics quickly. Have a re-look at the sectional tests/mocks that you have solved so far and retry the questions which you could not solve earlier or solved in much more time as compared to the ideal time for the respective question.
  • Take note of the areas you need to improve further to ensure high accuracy in them and work on them.
Fine-tune the rough edges and get accustomed with the actual CAT exam  3 weeks 9 Oct 29 Oct
  • Start solving past CAT Papers, and CAT Mock Tests. Target solving 6 past papers in a week. After every paper, spend time on the analysis. See where you did good as well as where you could have done better and what were the reasons for not doing better, was it a conceptual miss or an application miss? 
  • Also, keep an eye on the level of the paper to ensure that you are not practicing any form of questions which is irrelevant to the difficulty level of CAT.
Time to hit the top gear and conquer the exam 3 weeks 30 Oct 21 Nov
  • Solve as many mocks as you can and Past test papers of at least 10 more years; followed by in-depth analysis. Analysis holds the key here. Ensure that one complete test series and old papers from 2008 year onwards have been solved and analyzed by you.
  • Do not get into exploring a new topic at this stage. Practice what you know and try to extract the maximum benefit out of it to maximize your score.

There have been many people in the past who have cracked CAT big time with even lesser time in hand. All you need from now on is the commitment, dedication and a strategic road map to ensure not only you have covered all the topics, but have also mastered most of them (especially the ones which are the most critical for the exam.) Also, it is very important to fine-tune your 4 months study plan depending on your current level of preparation. Hope this outline helps. All the Best! 

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