Before making a CAT study plan, remember that the key to success lies in the consistency. Apart from the below-mentioned plan, make a habit of reading a newspaper on a daily basis. This will not only help you in your Verbal Section but will also be useful during your interviews.

CAT Study Plan for College Students

The very first step is to divide the four areas according to their importance.

Study Material:

  1. Online or Offline Coaching for shortcuts and course material of areas where you are not comfortable.
    CAT 2019 Coaching
  2. 2 Mock Test series
    Online CAT Mock Test Series

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Part 1: LR + DI

Over the past few years, LR/DI has been changed drastically. It has moved towards logical DI from just LR or DI. Start your CAT study plan with dedicating 1.5 hr to LR for 3 weeks and make sure that you solve all types of problems at least once. You can practice questions from your course material or old CAT papers. After completing LR in these three weeks, you need to start practicing 1 LR set in alternate days (Mon, Wed, Fri).
Since you’ll already be done with LR, start practicing DI at a bit later stage. After three weeks of LR, start practicing 2 sets of DI on days you are not involved with the LR set (Tue, Thu, Sat).

This routine will be constant for the next 2 months (June, July).

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Part 2: QA

Next in your study plan would be QA. While focusing on LR, it wouldn’t have been wise to ignore rest of the topics. QA is another area of concern because of the vast syllabus. In the initial 3 weeks, you’ll make sure that you finish the topics with whom you are comfortable with. After the initial 3 weeks, start focusing on QA (from June) and start with Numbers. Dedicate 1.5 hrs a day to QA. Continue this for another 2 months.
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Part 3: VARC

As far as VA is concerned, it can be divided into 2 parts while making a CAT study plan – RC and rest. Start practicing RC from the very first day because more than half of the questions appearing in VA are from RC (i.e. from today itself). Start with 1 passage a day and increase this number by 2 from the next week. After 3 months, when you’ll be done with LR and QA, start focusing on the rest of VA while practicing the rest three subjects by giving individual mock for all three, i.e. LR – Mon, Thu; DI – Tue, Fri; QA – Wed, Sat.

This routine was continued for another 4 weeks.
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Just practicing mocks is not sufficient, analyzing it is just as important.

Part 4: Mock Test

After you are done with your syllabus, 2-3 months would be left for CAT. Now you will start working upon your problem areas while giving mocks at the same time. Each mock test will help you discover more and more of your weaknesses and doing this on a daily basis will help you become more competitive and therefore increase your percentile in the long run. Don’t get demotivated by the low score, just keep working on your problem areas.

Keep a track of the following while analyzing mocks :
1. Accuracy – there’s always a trade-off between accuracy and speed – therefore you need to figure out what is working for you

2. The best approach to solve a problem – try to find the best way to solve a problem; most importantly have you used the same?
3. Strong-Weak areas – Are there any weak areas left – if yes, go back to the basics and work it out! Start slowly in the 3rd month itself with 1 mock per week – taking at least 3–4 days analyzing them and later on graduate to 2 mocks per week – slowly you will observe that the time taken for analyzing each mock test will also reduce!
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Good Luck!