There are multiple industries which one may join post MBA, but there are few that are the most coveted ones, and one among the top 3 such industries is FMCG aka Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry. Let us have a look at what makes FMCG industry so special and the 6 Reasons to work in FMCG Industry.

FMCG Industry

6 Reasons to work in FMCG Industry

1. FMCG Industry is behind the biggest household brands across the globe

FMCG industry is behind the every global brand that is popular across households. The industry provides one with the products that are recognized from house to supermarket to a small retail store to advertisements on television. The brands that make this sector are all the high profile brands, known and loved by everyone. The industry has its own kind of glamour associated with it.

2. FMCG Industry is Constantly Evolving

Talk to an FMCG guy or a girl, and you will be told that there is never a dull moment in the industry. Whether it be the rate of product innovation or the rate of career progression or the rate at which goods move out of the shelves, FMCG industry maintains a high pace for all. Last but not the least, the brands themselves change at high pace. Testimony to this is the fact that more than 45% of the top 100 FMCG Brand list 20 years ago, have been replaced by new names or have changed their brand identity.

3. FMCG Industry thrives on employee and customer retention

One of the biggest ethos of FMCG industry when you talk to anyone in their leadership is the investment in their employees. It is in a way linked to the importance paid to customer loyalty by the industry. While customer loyalty may make or break a brand, employee retention may make or break the ethos of valuing relationship and strategic positioning of the industry.

4. FMCG Industry is getting bigger and better

FMCG industry offers things to an entirely new scale, and it is not unexpected from the industry that handles more than a billion accounts everyday. Working with the FMCG industry gives you the opportunity to be the part of some global success stories as well as be the influencer for the way consumers shop their household products.


5. It is Who You Counts, not your past that counts once you are in the industry

FMCG industry welcomes dynamic and street smart individuals. Though the industry recruits from many institutes, they select only from reputed B Schools for some of the most coveted industry profiles. While they have one of the most stringent criteria, be it academics or work experience – once you are in the industry, your past doesn’t matter. Only thing that matters once you are in the industry is who you are and how are you performing.

6. FMCG Industry provides bright employment prospects

Last but not the least, FMCG industry provides one of the brightest employment prospects across profiles. It is one of the highest paying industries, with a very strongly paced career progression opportunities.

Some of the Coveted FMCG Companies in Top B Schools

Here is the list of the companies in no particular order.

  1. Procter and Gamble
  2. Hindustan Unilever Limited
  3. Nestle
  4. Mondelez International (Cadbury)
  5. Pepsico
  6. Coca Cola
  7. Reckitt Benckiser
  8. L’Oreal
  9. ITC
  10. Johnson and Johnson
  11. Britannia

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