With CAT 2017 a week away, we bring to you in this article What to do with 7 Days to CAT 2017, and fine tune things during the last lap to move to score 99+ Percentile. Let us have a detailed look at study plan with 7 Days to CAT 2017.

7 Days to CAT 2017 

Before we move to anything academic, do remember that CAT is not a make or break of life. It is just one of the many ways out there to help you reach your long term life and career goals. And at the end of the day, CAT is an exam just like you have been taking so far in your life. So, do stay calm, patient, take the exam on its merit and give your best on the exam day. 

Sunday Analyze all the mocks you have taken so far. Have a look at the sectional and overall scores, along with the time spent broadly on questions from different topics. You should be able to know

  1. Whether you should first pick up Geometry questions or Algebra in the exam. 
  2. Till what level of questions should you be solving from Numbers and PnC & Probability
  3. What should be the time split in Reading Comprehension and the other questions in the section
  4. Are you stronger in Logical Reasoning or Data Interpretation or at a similar level in both

This should help you to give the final tuning your exam attempt strategy needs and then use it to take one mock on Sunday. Analyze the mock in detail and work on any loop holes identified based on the mock analysis.

Monday  Take a full length mock test. You should take the test in the same time slot that you have the exam scheduled in. It will condition your body and your brain to function at a full 100% during the exam. You should then relax for the rest of the day, and just take 1-2 topic tests each from Reading Comprehension, Geometry and Logical DI.

Tuesday Solve the mock test that you had taken on Monday without any pressure of time. It is perfectly fine if you are not able to solve all 100 questions or even 75 questions. The idea is that after looking at the solutions of those questions, you should be comfortable with solving all of them. Analyze your performance at topic level and compare it with the time bound attempt of Monday. identify and address any identified loop holes. Once this is done, take another mock test in time bound manner. And surely you would have been able to increase your score over Monday’s performance.

Wednesday Attempt one actual CAT paper from previous years. It could be any year paper from CAT 2002 to CAT 2007. This will boost your confidence to face actual exam on November 26, 2017. Once the above is done, you should pick up one particular topic that has bugged you throughout your preparation – it could be para jumbles, it could be set theory, it could be Geometry and just solve questions on that particular topic from previous mocks. Probably, you will not be able to solve too many of them but after looking at the solutions – you will gain the confidence to solve easy questions on that particular topic. It is a psychological battle that you should try to win before the exam.

Thursday Revise all Quantitative Aptitude formulas. While there isn’t much to revise in sections like Logical Reasoning and Verbal Ability, QA has a large number of formulas/tricks that you should revise. Take one topic test of RC and one topic test of Data Interpretation. Follow the above with solving yet another actual CAT paper from previous years. Analyze both the papers of actual CAT that you had solved.

Friday If any specific topic posed you the maximum problem from past CAT papers that you took on Wednesday and Thursday, and that topic is either a strong or moderate for you in general – then pick up last 8-10 mocks that you have attempted this year so far, and revisit all the questions from such topics. 

Saturday The best way to spend the last day before the exam is to stay away from anyone who creates undue pressure on you of performing in CAT, be it friends or relatives or girl friend/ boy friend. Just hang out for a while in evening with someone who keeps you away from thinking about the exam and then go to bed early. Have a light diet at home and stay away from beer/drinking as well. Check out the exact location of the examination center. Ensure all the documents needed to carry along are in place and kept at one place.

Figure out how much time it takes actually to travel from your home location to the venue.

Go and sleep well. 

Just remember, hard work never goes unpaid and if you had worked honestly for CAT Exam, neither the exam nor your score will disappoint you.

You will surely be rewarded for the commitment and hard work.  And once CAT is done, turn your focus to non CAT Exams as one should not keep all the eggs in one basket. 

Wish you all the best for CAT 2017.