Many of you have been facing the challenge in understanding the intricacies of MICAT exam and this article will hopefully serve the purpose of addressing all your queries around it. To begin with, MICAT is one of the most dynamically changing exams with lot of variations every year. This analysis is based on the trends of last few years. 

MICAT Pattern

First of all please note that exams like CAT/XAT/GMAT and other entrance exams have NO ROLE in selection to MICA. They are just the eligibility criteria, there is no cutoff for them. Shortlist by MICA will be solely based on the performance in MICAT. Only weightage of these exam scores is 2% in the final convert stage, not any weightage in shortlisting stage.

Paper can be seen as broadly divided into 3 parts:

1. Aptitude Test – comprises of questions on Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, Reasoning and General Awareness.

2. Psychometric Test

3. Creative Writing Test – may comprise of one or more of Essay Writing, Story writing and Points in Favor/against the topic.

MICAT – Detailed Analysis

Creative Writing Test

This section has seen many variants in the past. Some of the most common topics covered in past in this part of the examination are:

Essay Writing

Some of the topics which have appeared in past are:

  • Facebook is leaving youth of today astray
  • Larger states should be divided in smaller states
  • Trial by Media
  • Tax deduction to women as they take care of educational and health needs of a family

If you see the topics, they are more on current and social awareness based. You will generally not find a abstract topic appearing in Essay Writing. MICA aims at seeing your potential in communicating the ideas well and hence a topic which is more or less going on in our daily lives; so that all can focus on communicating well rather than just mentioning the facts or listing them down on the sheet of paper.

Try to have a logical flow in your write ups and use real life examples to support them.

Story Writing

Here you will generally be given a set of pictures, may vary between 7-10 pictures, and you need to write a story connecting all the pictures. For example: You may get the picture of an elephant, Red Fort, Rose, common man, blue dress, soldier and a gun.

You need to showcase your creativity in this section and put yourself in the shoes of someone who can read through the pictures and come up with exciting ideas. How differently you read the pictures and connect them will decide your edge over others in the section.

Arguments in Favor / Against

Here a topic will be given and you will have to write n number of points in favor and against the topic. Generally, you are asked to write 5 points in favor and 5 in against.

This section tests you at looking at a given topic from different perspectives. Being an institute which promotes media and communication, having this quality is an essential in the students.

Psychometric Test

First of all remember, there is NO negative marking and there is No correct or incorrect answer in a psychometric test.

Any psychometric test tests your psychology as the name suggests, which is nothing but tests you at different aspects of life, how you respond to them, what you do in your daily life – asks same question in 2-3 different ways and checks your consistency in them.

It could further be divided into 3 types of questions:

1.You are given a set of say 25 to 30 statements and you need to select 5-10 statements which describe your personality the best.

2. A set of two arguments is given, and you need to rate them according to your personality.

3. A circumstance is given followed by 4-6 options and you need to rank the options from 1 to 6 depending on the priority as per you. 

How to crack Psychometric Test

So, if you see above there is nothing wrong or right. And hence the key to maul the section lies in either of the following 2 strategies, and you need to know which one will work for you:

1. Speak truth, be honest and mark the answer as you would have responded to the given situations in real life. Not even a single answer should be a lie and different than what you would have done in real life.

2. Be extremist, give extreme answer even if it does not match your personality. You need to be conscious to maintain blatant lie consistently and not faulter in any answer by happening to give a true answer.

Aptitude Test

This would be a cake walk section for all of you who have prepared decently for any of the exams like CAT, SNAP, NMAT etc. Questions across will be easy and you will not find any difficulty here. There could be or could not be negative marking in the section, MICA keeps this changing and hence we recommend you to read the instructions carefully.

In quant section, major focus would be on Arithmetic related topics like Time and Speed, Time and Work, Averages, Allegations and Mixtures, Profit and Loss. Other important quant topics include Numbers, Venn Diagram (simple ones), Functions, Probability, Mensuration and Equations. 

General Awareness questions will be more focused on contemporary social and industry related issues on areas covering media, marketing, advertising and business. Key to crack this part is in knowing the brands, tag lines, celebrity endorsers, films and related awards, mergers and acquisitions.

Verbal Ability will revolve around basic vocabulary, Fill in the Blanks, Para Jumbles and Para Completion.

Reasoning will involve Visual Reasoning, Seating Arrangements and Family Tree majorly.

Feel free to share your queries through comments with us.


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