The Connection of HR with Business Strategy

A successful business strategy can not be implemented without concrete human resources  , the necessity of well-trained and motivated employees are needed to achieve the company’s financial goals , is what is believed by business managers . successful HR departments believe in the need of keeping the employees attention on company’s financial goals along with providing big opportunities for employee’s personal growth and advancement. It is to be realised by both the employees and management that a co-operative, not adversarial, relationship is vital to a company’s success


Communicating company’s objectives, goals and production targets to the employees are solely in responsibility of business managers and they are to do it in a way so it makes them realise that they are partners in the process and play a critical role in the achievement of the company’s business targets and strategies . Communicating employee concerns and problems to the business managers is the responsibility of an HR manager. They are supposed to do it in a way that allows the manager to focus on the concerns and solve problems without neglecting profits and productivity.

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Demographics, Social Trends and Technology

Junior workers often have a different approach for job satisfaction as compared to the senior ones. The business managers are expected to adapt to the changing social trends and  demographics in the respective work environment. Educating freshers and helping them to identify their responsibility in favour of the organisations business strategy , goals, budget requirements and operations, is to be taken care by the HR department as primitive technology is taking a backseat , and new technology is being developed , management skills such as  training, accountability and transparency are becoming more important.

Development of Strategies and Solutions

An effective program for the training and development of the employee with performance appraisal and employee rewards  is developed by the cooperation of the management team and HR department. One of the most important component in this process is management development. Some of the key components of management training are Organizational development, employee selection, recruitment and proper manpower planning .The human resource department and business management are expected to work together if a problem arrives in order to land into a solution that gives the employees a feeling of satisfaction and thus keep the business focused towards its track and accomplish its financial and strategic goals.


The consequences that are to be designed for employees who do not or are unable to perform their jobs upto the mark is done by the collective efforts of business managers and HR departments. The factors that are to be considered as part of the company’s tactful and strategic planning are labour laws, company policies, training procedures, disciplinary steps and good business practices in order to build a just and equitable system that awards good employees and control unsatisfactory employees .The employees who notice the company to be continuously unjust , it results into anger and disappointment among them whereas the belief that a managements hands are tied up by the system that is willing to protect  unsatisfactory employees become hateful for the workers. None of these attitude is acceptable  for a good business.

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