Many of the MBA Aspirants as well as MBA Students have been discussing with us that what are the rankings they should trust and what are the rankings which are merely sold in the hands of some of the Private B Schools which charge a humongous fee from students, make false claims of 100 percent placements and give out student’s money to the ranking agencies to put them at a convenient position in the B School Rankings. In this article, we highlight some interesting aspects on how some of the Private B Schools and MBA Universe have made the B School Ranking word a hoax – and have turned it into a mere money minting machine. While Private B Schools pay MBA Universe for Rankings, Private B Schools get them above some of the most premier and proven management institutes of the country. For the benefit of the MBA community, we are highlighting the game played by MBA Universe so that no one gets misguided. 

mba universe rankings

Are MBA Universe Rankings Paid

Well, we will leave this for you to answer by the end of this article.

We will pick up few examples from the MBA Universe Rankings and the tentative amount paid to them by B Schools.

mba universe rankings

Some people want you and us to believe that IMI Delhi is better than FMS Delhi, JBIMS Mumbai, NITIE Mumbai and IIFT Delhi? Here is the comparison!! 

  Fee Placements Achieved CAT Cutoff
IMI Delhi approx 15 lac Not 100%, stringent rules to force students to accept offers no matter how bad they are, still not 100% – Doesn’t allow students to reject a offer If he feels it is not good 91 (PGDM) and mere 87 (PGDM-HR)
FMS Delhi < 1 lac 100% Placements with best of the class profiles 98+ Percentile
NITIE Mumbai 7.5 lac 100% Placements with best of the class profiles 97 percentile
JBIMS Mumbai < 2 lac 100% Placements with best of the class profiles 99 percentile
IIFT Delhi 13.5 lac 100% Placements with best of the class profiles NA

So, if you are not able to solve the puzzle of why IMI is ranked better than actual premier B Schools of the country.

Reason? See the ads and marketing the platform will do for college they gave better rank and you will know the reason.

Another example of wonderful analysis done in MBA Universe Rankings

If the above was less and you want to say that we had grudges with either of the above- Check this out!! 

MBA Universe Rankings

1. TAPMI Manipal is better than SIBM Pune, SJMSOM IIT Bombay and new IIMs. 

2. And if you are not surprised by above, then friends even BIMTECH Greater Noida is better than SIBM Pune and SJMSOM IIT Bombay. 

Quick Factual Figures for you to trust the above: 

  Fee Placements Achieved CAT Cutoff Average CTC
TAPMI Manipal approx 14 lac Claims of 100%, Well you know the truth 😉 Calls everyone who applies Actual less than 10 lpa
SJMSOM IIT Bombay < 10 lac 100% 98 percentile 14-15 lpa
SIBM Pune approx 13 lac 100% Number 1 college through SNAP 15-16 lpa
BIMTECH Noida 10 lac Not even 50% 85 percentile < 6 lpa

So, what’s the reason TAPMI and BIMTECH are placed above IIT Bombay and SIBM Pune? 

SJMSOM and SIBM Pune do not pay for advertisements or rankings and about the better ranked ones, you are wise enough to know the truth!

So, are the MBA Universe Rankings Paid? 

Do share your answers in comment section.

Appeal to such portals

It was the MBA Aspirant community which build you during your initial days. It will be appreciated to not to betray the Aspirant community, just for few bucks. And if any portal does so, students will respond to it. And today your lost of credibility is reflected in your declining Internet Metrics, be it the traffic, Time Spent by user on your site, Pageviews or even the Bounce Rate. 

Students can be deceived once, not time and again. So, for longer term – think about the major stakeholders who help you grow and not the stakeholders which buy you out for their benefits and make you the part of game where the future of MBA Aspirant community is played with.

Appeal to Private B Schools

Please spend the energy and the resources you spend on buying rankings on something useful for students, something which will actually help you develop your brand. Work on improving your infrastructure, work on getting the best faculty on board, work on engaging with the industry to ensure your students get right blend of exposure that will eventually help them to bag some of the best jobs out there in industry. Buying Rankings has never helped anyone and will never help anyone.

Career Anna B School Rankings

Today we feel pride in the fact that when we launch our B School Rankings, there was not even a single anomaly. There was no single person from the industry or MBA Alumni arena who came and said that there is a misguidance in these rankings. Rather, everyone appreciated Career Anna B School Rankings of last year for being the most unbiased and the most authentic one, across MBA portals. And we will continue to do the good work for MBA Aspirant community – we feel that they are the most important stakeholders in the value chain – and we stay committed to them.

And this reflects in the Strongest User Engagement Numbers (across Portals – be it Pagalguy, MBA Universe, Insideiim etc.) we are blessed with! We thank all our students and readers and we commit today that we will keep the honest and unbiased work only for the student community.

mba universe rankings