Someone famous said, ‘Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.” Yes, as ironic as it may sound, it is actually true if you are an engineer from a Tier II or Tier III college.  And if you are an IT engineer, then your plight will know no bounds as you will not know when and how you fell into a deep dark pit of derangement, from where there is no looking back! Not to mock IT professionals, but this was clearly the case with me for four years until I wrote the CAT exam and made it to IIM Kozhikode. Sounds too good to be true, right? Read on to know more about the magic weaved by an average IT engineer scores 99.4 percentile and joins IIM Kozhikode with the help of Online CAT Coaching.

average IT engineer scores 99.4 percentile

I was an average student in school and took an admission into an engineering college in my hometown itself because how did it matter – I was destined to remain average and knew deep in my heart that if I bag any job during college placements, I should be grateful since most engineers from local engineering colleges struggle to find jobs and the ones who do don’t find core jobs. Ready to join the pathetic job market as just a speck in the universe, I got placed at an MNC for a basic salary.

My IT job was the most frustrating part of my life and the ordeal went on for four years – boarding cabs endlessly, being assigned other people’s work in the guise of ‘teamwork,’ working like an animal and wading through endless traffic to reach home at 10 pm and again forcing your body to wake up at 5 am because you are scared of being unemployed. After four years of being submissive, I finally decided it was enough and I would rather starve than lose my sanity and hence my MBA journey began.

At first I had no clue about the CAT exam and how to go about it, so I enroled into Online CAT Coaching by Career Anna since I was away from studies for a long time and thought it would be better to enrol into one. Since it was online and I anyway had no time to spare from my job, I gave it a go and it was the best decision I ever made as Career Anna’s personalised mentorship and study plan helped me fill all my loopholes. So, now I will provide you with Tips to Score 99+ Percentile in the CAT exam and how an average IT engineer scores 99.4 percentile.

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CAT 2019 Exam Pattern

Before I start handing you tips to prepare and nail each section, I would first like you to familiarise yourself with the CAT Exam Pattern.

  • The CAT exam is a computer-based test meant to be completed within three hours, with sixty minutes allotted to each section.
  • There are three sections in the CAT exam namely Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC); Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR); Quantitative Aptitude (QA)
  • The exam has both MCQs and Non MCQs – the former requires you to pick the correct answer out of the given options, while the latter involves you to the type in the correct answer (TITA).
  • Each correct answer in CAT exam pattern will be awarded 3 marks whether it is MCQ or Non-MCQ.
  • Each wrong answer for MCQ in CAT exam 2019 will be imposed a penalty of 1/3 negative mark (-1 mark).
  • There is no penalty of negative marking on wrong answers to Non-MCQs in CAT 2019 exam pattern.
Sections MCQs Non-MCQs Total Questions Total Marks Time allotted
VARC 24 10 34 102 60 minutes
DI/LR 24 8 32 96 60 minutes
QA 27 7 34 102 60 minutes
Total 75 25 100 300 180 minutes

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Tips to score 99+ Percentile in the CAT 2019 Exam

Securing a 99+ percentile is no easy feat and requires adequate amount of self study, strong basics, lots of reading on the side and relentless practice, especially of Mock Tests, paired with external guidance like I had from Career Anna with only six months in hand.

  • Try to attempt at least 60 questions out of a 100 questions, and segregate them as 20 each for every section. You can easily solve 20 questions in VARC and QA, and in case LRDI is too challenging for you, you should try and increase your number of attempts in the other 2 sections.
  • Accuracy: This is the most important aspect of the CAT 2019 exam. You must practice as many Mocks as possible so as to improve your accuracy. In case you are attempting 60 questions, you should get around 54 questions right.
  • Practice: Solve a sample question and time yourself. Check for accuracy and time taken. Solve the question again. Again, check accuracy and time taken. This experiment will enlighten you with the fact that the time taken in the second attempt is lesser than the first time. Keep on trying until you achieve 100% accuracy in the given time.
  • Sectional time limit: The CAT exam has a sectional time limit as well, besides the overall time limit of 180 minutes. Each section is allotted 60 minutes and once that time gets over, the screen moves to the next level of the exam. Remember that speed and accuracy both matters here otherwise you would neither get your answers right nor be able to attempt as many questions as you want. Do not spend too much time on one question and move to the next, the moment you feel stuck.
  • Categorize: Identify questions as easy, medium and difficult and solve questions in that order. Leave the question unattempted if you have even an iota of doubt.
  • No guessing: Students generally tend to go by instinct where MCQs in any exam are concerned, however, you should refrain from doing the same in the CAT 2019 exam as you might just earn negative marking for your ‘instinctive’ answers.

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So, this was my story of how an average IT engineer scores 99.4 percentile! Through my experience, I can vouch for two things – with hard work and a solid strategy for the CAT exam, you can crack the CAT exam regardless of how distant a dream it looks like to you – through joining a good Online Coaching like Career Anna which treats you not just as a student but as someone whose journey they believe in and are ready to guide you until you arrive your destination. It is never wrong to ask for help, but like they say, God helps those who help themselves, so put on your study hoodies and go nail that CAT 2019 exam. Good Luck!