CAT 2018 Results were announced on Jan 5, 2019. Reportedly, IIM calls have already been released, with students already receiving calls for the Interview Process. IIM Admission Criteria 2019 has been changed making it more lucrative for the candidates from all academic backgrounds. The admission process consists of WAT (Written Ability Test), PI (Personal Interview) and GD (Group Discussion) rounds. In this article, we bring to you B-school Interview Questions and useful preparation tips.

Basically, the panel wishes to understand whether the candidate will be the best fit for the course or not. Moreover, you must have the ambition to make a difference in the society and the workplace. You must be good in communication and analytical skills which are gauged through your academic performance and work experience (if any). Along with that, the social and community orientation with a zeal to give back to the society is a plus.

So a thorough strategy is needed to crack this tough nut. There are some basic, profile specific and current affairs related Interview Questions which you might encounter. Moreover, some open-ended and logical questions can also be asked to test your decision-making capabilities under stress & pressure.

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B-school Interview Questions

B-school Interview Questions: Basic Hygiene questions for PI

Be thorough with your entire profile: There is no substitute for this. If you have prior work experience, you are expected to be aware of the hierarchy and roles in the organization perspicuously. If you are a fresher, be up to date with the latest changes in your respective stream of education.

Interview Questions: Students with work experience

  • You look well settled in your job, why are you opting for MBA?
  • What is the annual revenue of your organization?
  • Head Quarters, CEO (Background and details about the top management)
  • Latest funding, mergers or acquisition of the organization?
  • Discuss the team size, team hierarchy, job role, and diurnal responsibilities in the team.
  • Mention the key learning from your work experience?
  • The challenges you faced during your professional tenure.
  • Did you undertake any leadership initiatives at your workplace?
  • Did you face any conflict within the team and if yes then how did you resolve the conflict?
  • Why are you leaving your job for MBA? Don’t you think these 2 years will be crucial for you if you invest them in work?
  • What is your philosophy for work?
  • Did you organize any event at your workplace apart from your regular responsibilities?
  • Did you get any recognition at the workplace?
  • Why don’t you go for an executive MBA program? (If you have more than 3 years of work ex).
  • Expect a discussion if your job role is not aligned with the graduation stream. Properly pre-think about the reasons and implications rationally.

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Interview Questions: Students without work experience

  • Your college, under graduation stream?
  • Don’t you think it is too early to go for an MBA without any prior knowledge of the industry?
  • Why don’t you go for some work experience only then you will be able to understand the market in a holistic way?
  • Why MBA?
  • Activities taken part in your college. 
  • Your favorite subjects. The expectation of receiving correct answers to the academics related questions from freshers is higher than the candidates with work experience.
  • Detailed discussion on your group projects.
  • Some quick fundamental questions to test your decision-making skills & capabilities.
  • Be thorough with your surrounding: Everything under the sun with which you interact directly or indirectly comes under your surroundings with respect to the B-school admission interview process. It is advisable not to leave any stone unturned before the process.

Expected B-school Interview Questions

  • What is the historical importance of your native place?
  • Political dynamics of your native place.
  • You can expect a question on the industries and important destinations of the places where you have spent some amount of your lifetime.
  • Details about the under graduation institute (try to explore as much as possible about the institute because this shows your engagement, interest and futuristic behavior with respect to the similar kind of environment).
  • Discussion about all of the family members.
  • Know all about your hobby or favorite activity and most prominent figure in that field.
  • You need to be quite vigilant about the current affairs. There is absolutely no escape. The Panel seeks to test your understanding and take away from the analyses of the various issues, so it is advisable to stay updated with all the news.

General Interview Questions

  • Tell me about yourself – Summarize your full profile, background, highlight your achievements and your hobbies.
  • Why do you want to take up admission in this B-school?
  • What do you want to pursue after MBA?
  • Real-time business scenarios to check your decision-making capabilities.
  • Simple logical puzzles or small calculations to check the accuracy and speed to respond to problems.
  • Know everything about the certificates and competitions you have won to date.
  • Are you an active member of an NGO or did you participate in any CSR activity conducted by your organization? 

B-school Interview: Behavioral tips

  • Confidence is a must but you need to identify the thin line of difference between overconfidence and confidence. The Panel might try to confuse you based on your answers. It is better to analyze their statements and then take your time, be polite and give them reasons as to why your answer is right. If the panel points out your mistakes then accept them politely. It is harmless to accept your faults so that you can rectify them in the future.
  • If you are unsure then tell this to the panel honestly and don’t pretend to know the answers. They will ask different questions (generally) but if you keep beating around the bush then this practice is never going to work out in your favor.
  • Stay calm and composed all the time even if your interview starts on a bad note (personal experience). The panel gauges your composure in a stressful situation because this is all you are going to face in the future. They try to see the candidate who best fits in the rigorous culture with best decision-making ability in any kind of situation.
  • Practice the answers beforehand if you are not a good communicator.
  • Look presentable in the process.
  • Arrange the documents and certificates in reverse chronological order in a file which will save you from the unnecessary pressure in the discussion room.

In short, an exhaustive introspection with a well-practiced preparation will lead you to get into your dream B-School. Best of Luck for your future endeavors!

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