On popular demand, today we bring to you the comparison and ranking of the third generation IIMs also called the Baby IIMs by putting a comprehensive picture of the institute highlighting the pros and cons and concluding finally with Career Anna recommendation about the Best Baby IIM. We earlier brought to you Best MBA in Finance Colleges in India and Best MBA Colleges in Marketing.

Baby IIM Rankings

Based on the different parameters involved in the College Review and Rankings, Career Anna Ranking of the Baby IIMs is as follows: 

  1. IIM Nagpur, mentored by IIM Ahmedabad
  2. IIM Amritsar, mentored by IIM Kozhikode
  3. IIM Visakhapatnam, mentored by IIM Bangalore
  4. IIM Sambalpur, mentored by IIM Indore
  5. IIM Bodhgaya, mentored by IIM Calcutta
  6. IIM Sirmaur, mentored by IIM Lucknow
  7. IIM Jammu, mentored by IIM Lucknow

Comparison between the Baby IIMs

Institute Average CTC Fees
IIM Nagpur 12.35 LPA 12.50 Lakhs
IIM Amritsar 12.20 LPA 9 Lakhs
IIM Visakhapatnam 12.61 LPA 13 Lakhs
IIM Sambalpur 11.33 LPA 10 Lakhs
IIM Bodh Gaya 10.90 LPA 10.60 Lakhs
IIM Sirmaur 9.20 LPA 10.34 Lakhs
IIM Jammu 11.20 LPA 11.50 Lakhs

IIM Nagpur: Located in the Orange city of India, IIM Nagpur seems a bit overrated, but it deserves the hype. This IIM has an excellent well-equipped campus and is known for its peer to peer learning due to experienced batch every time. Among the other Baby IIMs, IIM Nagpur has offered the Highest package in terms of placement, though the numbers are not revealed. However, average IIM Nagpur salary is INR 12.35 lpa.

IIM Amritsar: This IIM is Located in the Holy city of Amritsar in Punjab and is known for its great food and excellent campus, and offers 2 years of great experience all together. IIM Amritsar benefits from the national and international air connectivity and has seen rapid growth in terms of placements packages offering easily 10+ LPA in real. 

IIM Visakhapatnam: Visakhapatnam is one of the fastest growing cities in India and offers great connectivity and a heaven city for all the non-veg lovers out there. Also, IIM Visakhapatnam offers great placements, ranging around 12+ LPA in real.

IIM Sambalpur: IIM Sambalpur is located in Odisha, which is blessed with abundant mineral resources attracting a great number of industries in this state. This IIM offers decent facilities though the campus is not that great. Location of this IIM is poor in terms of commute and connectivity but the placements are decent enough offering around 9+LPA in real.

IIM Bodh Gaya: IIM Bodh Gaya is known for its best curriculum as this IIM is currently being mentored by IIM Calcutta and will continue to function from its temporary campus in Magadh University till a sprawling Permanent Campus gets constructed. However, the placements are good in comparison to the other B-schools in this range as this IIM offers packages around 8+LPA in real.

IIM Sirmaur: IIM Sirmaur has a great campus amongst the new IIMs located in the lap of the mighty Himalayan Mountains and is mentored by IIM Lucknow and the placement package amounts 7+LPA in real. One may experience the best of IIM rigor and the breathtaking view of the snow clad Himalayas in IIM Sirmaur.

IIM Jammu: This newest IIM situated in Jammu is currently mentored by IIM Lucknow. IIM Jammu is good for the curriculum and experience one will gain but not really great for placements. The average package is around 6+LPA in real.

Career Anna Recommendation

Baby IIM Rankings 2019

  • IIM Nagpur, Amritsar and Visakhapatnam have been able to attract the best possible profiles and brands in the short duration of their existence so far. In Career Anna rankings, a good weightage is always given to profiles and brand names as that is what matters at the end of the day. 
  • There is not much difference in infrastructure when it comes to the top 5 among the 7 baby IIMs.
  • All the 7 Baby IIMs are being mentored by top IIMs and most of the faculty from old IIMs go there to teach. Hence there is no significant difference when it comes to faculties.
  • IIM Nagpur, IIM Amritsar and Visakhapatnam is certainly the most active IIM among the 7 Baby IIMs when it comes to student activities. These are followed by IIM Sirmaur and IIM Bodh Gaya are pretty dormant relatively when it comes to student activities. 

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