In the major announcements made by XLRI regarding XAT 2016, it has been shared in an official notification that in order to ensure getting quality managerial potential not only for XLRI, but also for other XAT institutes, major changes will be introduced from XAT 2016 onwards. Here we have tried to demystify the Big Changes introduced in XAT 2016.

Big Changes Announced in XAT 2016: Negative for Unattempted Questions

Big Changes Announced in XAT 2016

Negative for More than 13 Unattempted Questions

0-13 Unattempted questions WILL NOT fetch any negative marks. 

However, if you leave more than 13 unattempted, then every further unattempted question will fetch negative of 0.05 marks. 

  • You have 14 unattempted questions. You get 0.05 negative mark.
  • You have 13 unattempted questions. You get no negative mark. 

Anyway, at the end of the day, this will not matter much as if you attempt wrong, you get 0.25 negative. Hence, not attempting a question you are not sure of still remains a wise move. Hence, not a big issue at all. Also, others will also be getting 0.05 or 0.25 negative, so this balances out the competition. Your wisdom will come in preferring 0.05 over 0.25. 

Number of Questions and Time

XLRI has officially confirmed that there will be NO INCREASE IN NUMBER OF QUESTIONS and they remain at 78. However, time limit has been increased by 20 minutes. 

This gives students now more team per question, and if 13 unattempted are removed, then more than 2 minutes per question to solve 65 questions. 

Level of Difficulty 

It has been shared that level of Difficulty will be easy to moderate. So expect XAT 2016 to be easier than the previous year’s XAT exam.

GK and Essay Writing

The format of supplementary sections of GK and Essay would remain same with some minor changes (This means that even this year GK marks will NOT be included in Percentile calculation).

The time allowed to answer both GK and Essay would be 35 minutes.Number of Questions in GK will be 25 and there will be NO NEGATIVE marking here.