In last 20 years, the exponential growth in data generated by people and objects has far outpaced the growth in talented resources that can derive value out of it. There is an unusually high gap between the supply and demand of outstanding professionals who can understand the data and derive useful business intelligence from it. Because of this gap and undoubtedly the future of industry moving towards the day where Data and Business Analytics will be the core pillar to achieve growth and competitive advantage, many Universities globally and few Business Schools in India have started offering courses in Business Analytics to help industry meet the demand. This is also to ensure that upcoming generations are having a strong learning base in one of the most alluring careers in days to come.

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Business Analytics Career Opportunities

The huge forecasted demand for professionals with Business Analytics knowledge has made many students and professionals look at Big Data and Business Analytics as a career path and the professionals in this specialized course domain are being embraced by the leading industry professionals already.  Let us have a look at the skills required to succeed in Business Analytics and Top Educational Institutes in India offering a specialized course in Business.

Skills required to succeed in business analytics career

  1. Inquisitiveness

Inquisitiveness helps you work on huge data sets, because unless you are curious about data and what intelligence can be discovered with various permutations and combinations of the data usage and reports, you can never excel in the field of Business Analytics.

Love for data and analyzing it lays the foundation for a strong career in Business Analytics.

  1. Interpretation skills

To find out the meaningful solutions which will help in decision making and design a product or service; strong interpretation skills are very important; coupled with strong domain knowledge. This helps form strategies and products based on interpretation results.

  1. Understanding tools and methods

Having knowledge of  SAS and Excel is good. But, knowing how to apply thoughts,  while analyzing the data (using SAS and Excel) is better! Additional expertise around MS Office to finally package and showcase results to the management team is equally essential.

  1. Quantitative Skills

Business analytics requires you to work with figures. You need to be comfortable with mathematical formulas. If you are scared of the word “Quant”, then this career is not for you.

You need to be decent at math and stats, the applied kind and not the theory part only. Yes, the tools SAS, R, Python, SPSS, Hive, Pig etc. are there to help, but tools don’t mean much if you don’t know what to do with them.

  1. Verbal and Written Communication

You may be great at problem solving and the technical stuff but if you can’t communicate your analysis to the business guys (the ones who are paying you/your co. to do this) in their language its worthless.

And you need to communicate to business guys in business language and not in the language of statistics and tools’ results. You need the ability to visualize data through interesting charts, tables, maps etc, tell stories, create presentations, have the tact and ability to let the business guys know their gut feel was wrong and your data analysis was correct. 

Educational Institutes in India for Business Analytics

IIM Calcutta and IIT Kharagpur have together launched a Post Graduate Business Analytics Course to nurture students willing for a career in Business Analytics. The course is a tri institute course, with ISI Kolkata being the third institute.

Immediately after them is the IMT Ghaziabad’s 11 week Course on Business Intelligence and Big Data serves the apt purpose to help you develop the above skills to kick off a career in Business Analytics. The course is conducted at IMT Ghaziabad Campus, whose MBA in Marketing program already features in top MBA Programmes and is growing exponentially in industry reputation under the leadership of Director Dr. Atish Chattopadhyay. The course is led by Dr. Jayanthi Rajan at IMT Ghaziabad, a renowned named in the field of Analytics.

Third in the pack is Business Analytics and Intelligence Course by IIM Bangalore delivered both in Classroom and Classroom + Distance learning Mode.

All the above courses were recently appreciated and recognized by Analytics India Magazine.

Highly Recognized Professional Courses and Certifications

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We hope you found the article useful and the next in line is the list of Top Professional Courses and Certifications for Business Analytics as a career.