Can I Crack CAT 2015 If I Start Preparing in August? This is one of the trending questions which I am seeing across CAT 2015 Discussions. My answer to the question is Yes, You Can! You can definitely crack CAT 2015 even if you start preparing for CAT 2015 in August. Let us see how is it possible and what should be the strategy to crack CAT 2015 if one starts preparing now.

Can I Crack CAT 2015 If I Start Preparing in August

Can I Crack CAT 2015 If I Start Preparing in August

First of all let us get some facts right. There have been many people in past who have cracked CAT with just 2 months of preparation as well. So, if they can – you can also do it. Only what you need is strong determination to succeed and the will to put in hard efforts for the time in hand from now. And yes, couple these softer aspects with a fine tuned strategy to prepare for CAT 2015. 

Crack Quant in CAT 2015 even if you start from scratch in August

With IIM Ahmedabad setting up the paper, it is not suggested to skip a topic. Rather, you should be knowing the basics of every chapter that falls in the gamut of Quantitative Aptitude syllabus. You may have sitters from it floating in the exam. Out of 34 questions, expect 6-8 sitters and you cannot afford to leave them, irrespective of the topic they are from. 

Your preparation strategy should be to prepare the more important topics in next 30 days and then prepare for remaining topics in next 20 days – This will ensure that you are prepared with all the topics in 50 days. 2 to 3 hours’ dedicated and focused sitting for quant should help you achieve this. 

You may see the list of important Quant Topics with their expected weightage HERE

Aim at solving Level 1 questions of all the topics, Level 2 of top 4 topics (weightage wise) if you are starting from scratch now and then solve past CAT Papers for all the topics in the list above.

Crack Verbal in CAT 2015 even if you start from scratch in August

Similarly as for Quant, Verbal in CAT 2015 may also be aced even if you start from scratch in August. However, you need to focus on certain nuances here and avoid the trap being thrown at you by big offline coaching institutes. 

First of all, keep the vocab aside. No need to put in hours and hours daily to prepare for vocab which has near to zero weightage in CAT 2015. Also, no need to invest your nights in reading novels in the name of improving Reading Comprehension; rather invest the time in studying topics which will actually reap your benefits. And yes to break the myths, you may score high in Reading Comprehension with even a normal vocab and a normal reading speed and understanding, when it comes to CAT.

You may see the list of important Verbal Topics with their expected weightage HERE.

For Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning, Parajumbles and Sentence Correction – solve upto Level 3 problems, while for other topics, solving upto Level 1 problems shall be good. Once done with this (or after completing Level 2 questions from RC, Critical Reasoning, Parajumbles and Sentence Correction); start solving past CAT Papers from all the topics in the list of important topics.

Crack LR DI in CAT 2015 even if you start from scratch in August

This is the place where most of you are found stumbling as these LR and DI coming together as separate sections have forced many to re define their CAT 2015 Strategy. However, no matter what you may still ace the section in CAT 2015. 

Now, one of the mistakes which aspirants do when it comes to LR DI section is they try to rely a lot on books. There is no CAT level book available in market when it comes to LR DI. You can refer to books for just studying the basics (that too not for entire CAT Syllabus). These books may help in exams like CMAT, SNAP, NMAT etc. but not in CAT and XAT. Best source to prepare for LR DI is past CAT Papers, Sectional and Topic tests provided to you by TIME / CL / IMS or Tests in LR DI Course Career Anna.

First of all, let us have a look at the list of important DI LR Topics with their expected weightage HERE.

Now, we all understand that Logical DI and Awkward DI are among the important topics here. But we should also understand that we cannot directly jump to these topics. Other critical topics here are Pie Charts and Venn Diagrams.

Get done with topics like Bar Graph, Line Graph, Arrangements and Selection, Puzzles and Tournament based caselets in next 20 days. Then move to Pie Charts and Venn diagrams and spend good 15 – 20 days on these two topics. Once you have solved Level 2 problems of Pie Charts and Venn Diagrams, move to Awkward DI and Logical DI, spending another good 20 days on these topics. Once done, move to past CAT papers. 


Focus on solving Mocks after 30 days of preparation atleast so that you have covered good amount of topics, but till then you may solve topic tests alongside.

With some above nuances been kept in mind, I am sure you all may crack CAT 2015 even if you start preparing in August, like many others who crack the exam every year with just 2-3 months of focused, tuned and dedicated preparation.

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However, before I end – let me leave you all with one of my favorite quotes:

Follow your passion for MBA and to be in the dream B Schools. The rest will attend to itself. If they can do it, anybody can do it. It’s possible. And it’s your turn. So go for it. It’s never too late to become what you always wanted to be in the first place.

Wishing you all good luck for CAT 2015.

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