After being regarded as the Most Credible and the “Only” Unbiased B School Rankings of 2015 by the MBA Aspirant Community and the Corporate HRs, we are pleased to announce the nominations being open for Career Anna B School Rankings 2016 – India’s first Tech Driven and the Most Trusted and Credible B School Rankings.

career anna b school rankings 2016

What is new in Career Anna B School Rankings 2016

When the world is moving to leverage technology, why are the so called toughest B School Ranking agencies lagging behind in using technology and still taking the biased and fudged information provided by most of the B Schools as input for their rankings. 

Can’t a top class platform come up with intelligent algorithms which read the data of B Schools, get into the professional profiles of Alumni base over the years, sync up the CTCs offered for profiles offered, take view of HR Professionals on Different Colleges and Profiles offered (after all HRs decide which college to visit for which profile and what package) and much more to arrive at the intelligent and unbiased information – to help come up with the scoring of B Schools for B School Rankings?

Yes – If the platform is working for MBA Aspirant Community. And being the most trusted MBA Platform for entire MBA Aspirant community out there, we are pleased to share that Career Anna B School Rankings 2016 will be the first ever tech driven B School Rankings of India. 

Parameters on which Intelligent Algorithms will focus

– Infrastructure

– Faculty Profiles and Achievements

– Learning Experience shared by students / alumni on social and professional networks

– On Campus Placements – Not just the CTCs, but the kind of companies visiting and the profiles offered

– Diversity of Profiles offered

– Career growth of alumni in 3 years after graduating

– Career growth of alumni in 8 years after graduating

– Campus Life

– View of Corporate HRs on respective B Schools

Can B Schools provide non public data

Yes, we have a provision where B Schools may share any non public data with us which they believe cannot be read about them and may help them in strengthening their position in Career Anna B School Rankings. Any such data may be communicated to Career Anna team over email at 

Last date to provide the data – October 15, 2015

How to Nominate B Schools

By default, we have included the top 75 B Schools as per Career Anna B School Rankings 2015 HERE.

Any more B School which MBA Aspirants wish to be included can be suggested over Comments Section in the article and we will include the respective B School in Career Anna B School Rankings 2016. You may also suggest the same over email at

B Schools may send their request to be included in the rankings on the above mentioned email id.

Last Date to Nominate – October 15, 2015

Career Anna B School Rankings 2016 Value Add

  • Trusted as the India’s only unbiased, unsold (to B Schools) and the most credible B School Rankings, by more than 3 lac MBA Aspirants
  • Trusted as the credible source of B School Stature by Corporate HRs of more than 95 Tier 1 and Tier 2 Companies – HRs form an important part of our rankings and we continuously engage with them
  • Opportunity for B Schools to be part of Rankings, which are the only trusted ones today by MBA Aspirant Community
  • Only ranking which is out of the gamut to be purchased in name of Digital Marketing Partner and MBA Aspirant Community knows it, appreciates it and loves us for this! 
  • If nominated by MBA Aspirant community, B Schools cannot withdraw from the rankings as we see this as more as Right of MBA Aspirants to know about all B Schools with Unbiased Rankings – B Schools may opt to not to provide data, but not out of the rankings – as Career Anna B School Rankings 2016 are for MBA Aspirants.

Career Anna B School Rankings 2016 will be announced on November 14, 2015.

Stay tuned for India’s first Tech Driven and the Most Trusted and Credible B School Rankings for 2016.

Feel free to provide any suggestions as well through comments.