Have you ever felt trapped in a job or wanted a career change but couldn’t because of other commitments? It isn’t easy to manage to develop a new skill or take a risk when you can easily pay your rents, take your family out or go to a movie and dinner. But should this be stopping you from working on yourself to move ahead? I don’t think so. This story of one Shashank Agrawal, who decided to take the risk and how Career Anna Pro Degree Certification, helped him so, will possibly motivate you to take the risk you should already have taken.

The Story

Shashank is a graduate of CareerAnna’s Pro Degree program. He is living in Mumbai, living a successful and content life as a Digital Marketer. An engineer by qualification, Shashank was working for a top MNC in Bengaluru for the last 4 years but somehow he believed this wasn’t where he was supposed to be.

“I was one day talking to a friend who had a startup and he was talking about how he was trying to use Digital Marketing to get new clients. For me, Digital Marketing was all about social media platforms, so I thought about exploring more. And once I explored the world and options of Digital Marketing, I felt fascinated. I always had a penchant for marketing and this would also use my technical knowledge. It was the perfect career path for me.”

So, fascinated by this new career option, Shashank started applying for Digital Marketing Jobs.

“I just knew there were a lot of openings in the profile but somehow, I couldn’t get many interviews. And even the ones I did, I was always rejected because somehow I was not industry ready, which baffled me.”

How CareerAnna’s Pro Degree helped him

While Shashank was busy figuring out what companies meant by him not being industry ready, he came across a Facebook ad about CareerAnna’s Online Certification in Digital Marketing.  

“I had no clue what a Online Certification  was but the fact that it was about Digital Marketing made me curious enough to check it out, I registered my contact details and in the next half an hour, I received that literally was the turning point of my life.” 

Once our expert, explained the course to him, we got him on board. Shashank was passionate about Digital Marketing, so working with him was fun. Within a month, he was ready to be certified.

“Once I was done with the basic certification, I felt confident about what I knew so I decided to go for the Pro Degree as well. After a couple of months, once I was done, I decided to apply again for the same profiles. 5 application, 5 Interview Calls, 5 offers, within a month of my Pro Degree completion. I felt accomplished.”

Shashank eventually accepted an offer by a top MNC in the Digital Marketing profile, with a strong salary hike. His career is on a dramatic growth track right now compared to what it was a year back. His dedication to bringing in a change to his career, helped him take a strong step which eventually paid off. CareerAnna’s Pro Degree was just a facilitator.

“I feel satisfied with my job now. Now I wake up every day to do something meaningful and that keeps me excited and going. As of this moment, I feel accomplished. I am so glad I took the risk when I did. I thank the evening I decided to talk to my friend, I am glad I saw that Facebook Ad and I was lucky to have an able facilitator in the process.”

We are glad to hear that Shashank. And we are honoured to be a part of your journey. Congratulations! Your new job sounds amazing and we can’t wait to hear more amazing things. 

In case, you too are ready to take the leap and are looking for a facilitator or simply some help to make a decision, let us know. We will be there for you.