Hope you enjoyed Day 1 and Day 2 Questions of Career Anna CAT 2015 Question a Day. We today bring to you Day 3 questions of CAT 2015 Question a Day. We are keeping in mind the expected level of CAT 2015. Hence, will not be sharing too hard a question just to create a buzz which at the end of the day, doesn’t solve any purpose for you.

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CAT 2015 Question a Day : Day 3

Section: Verbal Ability

Among people experience migraine headaches, some experience what doctors call”common” migraines, whereas others experience “classical” migraines. Siblings and spouses of common migraine sufferers are themselves twice as likely as the general population to experience common migraines. Siblings of classical migraine sufferers are four Tarunes more likely than the general population to experience classical migraines, whereas spouses of classical migraine suferers are no more likely than the general population to experience such headaches.

The information above provides the most support for which of the following hypotheses?

(A) Susceptibility to classical migraines is more dependent on hereditary factors than is susceptibility to common migraines.

(B) Unmarried adults are more likely to suffer from classical migraines than they are to suffer from common migraines.

(C) People who do not experience migraine headaches are unlikely to have spouses who are migraine headache sufferers.

(D) Children of people who suffer from common migraines are more likely than the general population to experience a common migraine.

(E) Between one-quarter and one-half of the general population suffer from either common or classical migraine headaches.

Official Answer: A

Section: Quantitative Ability

An artisan takes a solid spherical ball of radius 7 cm and paints its outer surface red. He then cuts it into four identical pieces, using two mutually perpendicular cuts through the centre, and paints the newly exposed surfaces blue. The ratio of the red paint used to the blue paint used is closest to:




(D) π : 2✓3


Official Answer: C


Detailed Solution: 

The cut shape will look like quarter of a lemon. The original (red) surface will be the outer surface of the sphere and will have an area of 4(pie)(r square).

The new surface (blue) will be the surface created by cuts. Now each quarter has two new surfaces which are semi circles of radius r. Hence they will have an area equal to that of circle of radius r i.e (pie) (r square) and the 4 quarters in total will have a blue surface area of 4(pie)(r square) i.e. the same as original red surface. 

Hence, ratio is 1:1

Section: Logical Reasoning

A hen, a dog and a cat are stolen. Three suspects are arrested named Rakesh, Sumit and Tarun. The police is sure that all of them stole one of the animal but they don’t know who stole which animal.

Sherlock Holmes is appointed to identify and is provided with the following statements from the investigation.

Rakesh – Tarun stole the hen

Sumit – Tarun stole the dog

Tarun – Both Rakesh and Sumit are lying. I neither stole hen, nor dog.

Sherlock is somehow able to deduce that the man who stole the cat is telling a lie and the man who stole the hen is telling truth.

Can you help him find out who stole which animal ?

Official Answer

Rakesh Stole Cat

Sumit stole Hen

Tarun Stole Dog

Detailed Solution

Rakesh Stole Cat

Sumit stole Hen

Tarun Stole Dog

Glance at the first and second statement again; they are contradictory. Both can be true together though. Also both of them cannot be false which means that Tarun stole cat and his statement will be true. But it has been already deduced that the one who stole cat was telling a lie thus it can’t be possible.

Let us consider the situation again. It may be that Tarun stole a hen or a dog. Assume that he stole hen. In such a case the statement of Tarun will be false. But we know that the person who stole hen told the truth, thus it is contradicting our assumption and so cannot be correct.

Considering everything, now we can say with confidence that Tarun stole the dog.

Now it means that the statement by Rakesh is completely false and the statement by Sumit is true which depicts that the cat and hen are stolen by these two. Also we know that the one who stole hen is true and the one stealing cat is a liar. Thus we now know that Rakesh stole cat and Sumit stole hen.