In our endeavor to keep you stay updated with CAT 2015 Updates, we bring to you very important CAT 2015 Updates declared officially on CAT 2015 website as well. There is going to be NO NEGATIVE MARKING for Type in the Answer Questions i.e for non MCQ based questions. However, MCQ based questions will continue to have negative marking.

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Some of the other Frequently Asked Queries related to CAT 2015 New Pattern

Is there a Sectional Time Limit? 

Yes, it is clearly indicated in the CAT 2015 Official Notification that there is time limit of 60 minutes on every section.

Can i switch between sections? 

No, you cannot switch unless the time of respective section is over.

Do I set the sequence of sections before starting the exam? 

You cannot set the sequence like you can do in NMAT Exam.

Will basic calculator increase or decrease my speed? 

It is just a basic calculator. So, use it intelligently. When the numbers are small and you can orally calculate, go for oral calculation. Use the calculator for calculations involving complicated and big numbers only. This will ensure you use calculator efficiently and it helps you in saving time.

Will every section has cutoff? 

Yes, each and every of the 3 sections will have its sectional cutoff. You need to clear all.

I am weak in Quant, What to do now? 

Do not worry. With these changes and indications of quant level to be easy – you need not worry if you are able to solve Level 1 and Level 2 questions of quant. To ensure even non engineers clear the sectional cutoff of quant, exam will not have difficult quant questions.

I am weak in VA-RC, what to do now? 

No need to worry. Exam is 4 months away and you can prepare well for the section. This section will be the tough one and hence one needs to be really good at it. This could be a game changer section for CAT 2015. No one can afford to leave multiple topics in VA RC this time.

What would be the marking Scheme? 

It is expected to stay as such. +3 for correct answer and -1 for incorrect.

What about the questions where I need to type an answer? 

No need to worry. The level and topics remain the same as that for other questions. Here you just need to type the answer instead of finding from given options.

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