In what could be the first surprise from IIM’s in the season of 2017, candidates were given the option to look at the official CAT 2017 question paper in their account. Candidate could simply login to the official site, using their credentials and check the official answers. This comes as a healthy surprise and a much needed step (which, we the mentors always wanted) towards a greater transparency.

Official CAT 2017 Question Paper

Noteworthy here is the fact that over the years, students had often raised questions on the validity of the various questions in the question paper and their solutions. Also, IIMs have given an option to students to raise objection on any of the answers given in the official key. There is no limit to the number of objections that one can raise. While we are extremely appreciative of the step, here are some further steps that we hope the IIMs will pay heed to:

  • Explain Normalization – The official answer keys would make a lot of sense to all of us. But for now, there is no clarity on the scaling across the two slots and how would the RAW score translate to final percentiles. If the IIMs could also explain that, a lot of gloomy clouds that surround a week post result would not happen and the candidates would not face any dilemma on their final percentiles.
  • Decrease the window between the paper and the official results – Since CAT has gone online for the past so many years; one thing which we have always been inquisitive about is almost the months’ gap that the IIMs take to declare the official results. We would expect the IIMs to decrease the time lag and give the students a greater flexibility and time to prepare for the next steps of the process.

What do the answer keys of official CAT 2017 Question Paper tell me?

You really do not have much to worry on the keys. Please login to your account, see if all the answers are marked. If you think, there needs to be an objection raised, validate it with your mentor and let them do the objection raising. If they get the benefit, you all will get it – as written by the IIMs. We have SNAP and XAT, including TISS, in the weeks to come. The keys should not be a hindrance to your preparations for these mighty exams.

All the best.

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