CAT 2018 Syllabus is based on the past CAT exam pattern as which is not pre-defined by IIMs. CAT 2018 Syllabus shared below is based on the updated Syllabus of CAT Exam, the structure of which was totally changed by IIM Ahmedabad in the year 2015. Since then CAT exam syllabus has gone through a lot of changes. Below discussed are the updated CAT syllabus for all the 3 sections of Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC), Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI/LR) and Quantitative Aptitude (QA) including some other topics which may appear again in CAT exam.

Before knowing about the CAT syllabus 2018 in detail, let’s have a thorough look at the exam pattern. It allows the candidates to understand the syllabus section-wise. CAT 2018 will be conducted in computer-based mode on November 25, 2018. The duration of CAT exam would be 180 minutes (3 hours) and carries 100 questions divided into three sections.

CAT 2018 Syllabus

CAT Exam Pattern

Section Sectional Duration Number of Questions
VARC 1 hour 34
DI & LR 1 hour 32
QA 1 hour 34
Total 3 hours 100

All the sections carry both Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and Non-MCQs (subjective questions) in it.

The Marking Scheme – The usual marking scheme in CAT gives 3 marks for each correct answer and deducts 1 mark for every incorrect answer. No marks are given or deducted for the un-attempted questions.

Now, let’s have a look at CAT 2018 syllabus and the topics under each section.

Section wise CAT Syllabus 2018

CAT 2018: Syllabus for Verbal and Reading Comprehension (VARC)

Reading Comprehension- The Reading Comprehension passages are generally of medium length, carrying around 250 to 500 words. Question types can be either direct or inferential or both.

English Language

  1. Fill in the blanks
  2. Synonyms Antonyms (Vocabulary Based), etc
  3. Judgment
  4. Para Completion
  5. Fact Inference
  6. Analogies and Reverse Analogies
  7. Para Jumble
  8. Sentence Correction
  9. Verbal Reasoning
  10. Grammar

CAT 2018: Syllabus for Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Data Interpretation

  1. Bar Graph
  2. Combination of Graphs
  3. Line Graph
  4. Data Sufficiency
  5. Pie Chart
  6. Tables, etc.

Logical Reasoning

  1. Assumptions
  2. Blood Relations
  3. Binary Logic
  4. Constraint-based puzzles
  5. Data Arrangement
  6. Family Tree
  7. Proposition
  8. Statements
  9. Seating Arrangement
  10. Clocks and Calendars
  11. Matching Puzzles
  12. Sets and Syllogism
  13. Venn Diagram, etc.

CAT 2018: Syllabus for Quantitative Ability (QA)

Major Topics

  1. Algebra
  2. Arithmetic
  3. Geometry
  4. Higher Maths
  5. Mensuration
  6. Modern Mathematics
  7. Number System
  8. Trigonometry etc.


  1. Arithmetic progression
  2. Arithmetic mean
  3. Average
  4. Angles and triangles
  5. sphere’s rectangles cubes and cone
  7. Clocks
  8. Geometric progression and Geometric mean
  9. HCF and LCM
  10. Harmonic mean
  11. Installment and payments
  12. Lines
  13. Median and Mode
  14. Percentage
  15. Partnership
  16. Profit and loss
  17. Ratio and proportion
  18. Partnerships
  19. Pipe and cisterns
  20. Speed and distance
  21. Work & time etc.

CAT 2018 Syllabus Preparation

The best way to prepare for the CAT 2018 exam is by solving numerous sample papers and taking regular mock tests. By solving the sample papers, candidates will automatically cover all the topics given in the CAT syllabus. With the help of sample papers and official CAT Mock Test, aspirants will be able to prepare for CAT 2018.

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Sectional CAT Syllabus 2018 – Number of expected questions

Verbal and Reading Comprehension Section (VARC)

The VARC section comprises 34 questions which include 7-8 questions and TITA based questions as well. Among the sub-topics, the reading comprehension questions gain more priority. Some of the important syllabus sub-topics to be covered for CAT VARC section are provided below-

CAT Verbal Ability and Read Comprehension Weightage


Expected No. of Questions

Reading Comprehension passage based questions 24
Para-Summary 2-4
Fill in the blanks, Vocabulary based questions 2-3
Odd sentences 1-3
Para Jumbles 2-4
Sentence Correction and Completion  2-3

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI/LR)

The CAT 2018 DILR section is composed of 32 questions including 8-9 TITA based questions and all the 32 questions are divided equally among both sets of questions; each comprising 16 questions. The DI section questions come in three-four sets and the candidates should understand the datasets properly to be able to answer the complete set accurately.

Quantitative Aptitude (QA)

The QA section consists of some topics which are very vital and repeated every year in the CAT exam. In this section, the total number of questions is 34 out of which 8-9 questions are TITA based. Some of the crucial topics and sub-topics of this section are stated below-

CAT Quantitative Aptitude Weightage


No. of Expected Questions

Number System 4-5
Arithmetic 11-12
Algebra 6-8
Geometry & Mensuration 6-7
Others 2-4

Difficult to Prepare for CAT 2018 Exam without CAT 2018 Syllabus

The fact is that you will find it difficult to proceed with CAT preparation even if you have all the CAT preparation material in hand unless you know the CAT exam syllabus. CAT MBA exam syllabus is very vast than one can anticipate. IIMs CAT syllabus does not leave any topic untouched. The glimpses of CAT 2018 syllabus for MBA admission 2019-21 in IIMs and other top B-schools is a testimony to this fact.

If you go through the CAT exam syllabus, it will help you to decide when and where to begin CAT preparation? How to prepare for CAT 2018 exam? What important topics in CAT syllabus needs your focus and attention in CAT Preparation so on and so forth. Going by the past trends and CAT Exam Pattern, Complete CAT syllabus for each section of Common Admission Test (CAT) has been shared above to help the CAT 2018 aspirants in CAT 2018 preparation in accordance with the CAT 2018 examination syllabus.

Important Points about CAT Exam Syllabus

  • CAT 2018 exam syllabus is based on the mentioned guidelines and structure of CAT exam.
  • CAT 2018 Exam Syllabus has never had boundaries and this fact also applies to define the CAT 2018 exam syllabus.
  • CAT 2018 exam syllabus is based on the recent trends in CAT exams. Putting it the right way, the CAT syllabus is the outcome of various topics which have earlier appeared in CAT exam although the type of questions, their composition, format, and number may change every subsequent CAT exam.
  • Past tendencies reflect that the CAT exam syllabus and pattern tests the candidate on Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension; Quantitative Aptitude; Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning.
  • CAT exam Syllabus covers all the major topics on these three sections which are further divided into various sub-sections.
  • The key point in CAT Exam Syllabus 2018 is that there is no repetition of CAT questions in any CAT exam although difficulty level of the questions would not go out of CAT exam syllabus.

So, once you know about the details and pattern of CAT Exam 2018 for admission in IIMs, your next step for CAT preparation is to go through the syllabus and duly scan the CAT Exam Syllabus 2018.

CAT Exam Syllabus goes on changing after each CAT Exam. What appeared in CAT 2017 question paper may get replaced with changes in the syllabus of CAT 2018. So, please note that the IIM Entrance Exam Syllabus or CAT 2018 Exam Syllabus is not pre-defined by CAT 2018.

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