CAT 2019 Correction Window Opens September 28 – You may correct your class 10th marks, 12th marks, Graduation marks, Photo error, Signature error, Programme preferences and Test centre related issues. Last date for correction window is September 30, 2019 5 PM.

CAT 2019 Correction Window

CAT 2019 Application Correction: Edit Option for Photograph Upload
Following type of errors in photograph upload can be edited during the CAT 2019 error edit option window:

  • Upload Photograph of specified size with the dimensions 35mm X 45mm with maximum file size of 80KB
  • Use Fresh photograph, if the already uploaded photograph is blurred
  • Have High Resolution Photograph of  minimum150px
  • Upload most recent photograph not more than 6 months old
  • If the already uploaded photograph has side face, replace & upload with front face photograph
  • Prefer Head & Shoulder colour photograph with white/off-white back ground
  • Use only JPEG/JPG file format photograph
  • You need to paste same photograph on CAT admit card as you have uploaded on the CAT application form

CAT 2019 Application Correction: Edit Option for Signature Upload
Following types of errors in Signature upload can be edited during the CAT error edit option window 2019:

  • Upload scanned image of your signature of specified size with the dimensions 1000mm X 35mm with maximum file size of 80KB
  • Use Fresh signature image, if the already uploaded scanned signature is not correct
  • Have clear signature image taken on white paper in black/blue ink
  • Upload signature of minimum150px
  • Use only JPEG/JPG file format signature image

CAT 2019 Application Correction: Edit Academic Details
Although IIM Kozhikode has not announced specifically whether the edit option for errors in following details is allowed, you may be able to edit following errors during cAT error correction window:

CAT Application Error Correction: Class 10 Marks
You can edit the details entered in percentage of marks column of class 10/SSC or equivalent.

CAT Application Error Correction: Class 12 Marks
If you have not been able to enter correct percentage of marks for class 12/HSC or equivalent you will have the opportunity to correct the same. Please remember almost all the IIMs have defined the good range of weightages for class 12/HSC  percentage of marks in shortlisting criteria.

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CAT Application Error Correction: Bachelor’s degree marks
It is very much necessary that your percentage of marks are correctly calculated and entered in CAT 2019 registration form. Accordingly, you should ensure that there is no mistake and right percentage of marks is filled up in the CAT 2019 application edit period.

CAT 2019 Application Correction in Work experience
The work experience has to be entered in months, please check that you have entered correct length of work experience in months. Besides, you should check that correct details for the area of work experience have been entered

CAT Application Form Correction: IIM Programmes & Interview cities
There are 20 IIMs who altogether offer more than 40 management programmes. You must check and edit the details, in case you filled up the details in a hurry. Select the right programme and right interview city for the said programme. Make sure that you arrive at the right decision without fail.

Errors With No Edit option in CAT Application Form 2019 Correction
CAT Application Form 2019 Correction window does not allow you to edit the personal details filled in the personal details. Accordingly, you cannot edit certain personal details like Name, Date of Birth, email id, mobile number in the CAT 2019 application form. If you have made a mistake in these details, the best way is to contact CAT 2019 help desk and get the solution from them.

CAT Application Form 2019 Correction: Edit option available only once
CAT 2019 test takers can correct the errors in their application form only once till they submit their application form after editing the errors during the limited period error correction window.

How to Edit CAT Application Form Errors in Photograph Upload?
You need to follow the instructions already issued by IIMs in regard to upload the right type of photograph in your CAT application form. Given below are the sample photographs with wrong type marked ‘X’ and right type indicated by the tick mark. You should upload only right type of photograph while re-uploading your photograph on CAT 2019 application page during the  CAT 2019 Correction Window.

You should correct the errors only after gathering all the required options and right documents as the facility once used will be closed for you.

Please note that if you login to edit the CAT application errors and click on ‘submit’ without completing the necessary error correction, you will not be able to login again for application error corrections. If there are still 1 or 2 details to rectify in CAT application form, the Edit option wouldn’t allow you to login again to correct the remaining 1 or 2 mistakes.

You should therefore, must be very careful while making corrections in CAT application form as leaving any error without correction may result in losing your candidature.  

There are no such instructions either from IIM Kozhikode or on CAT 2019 website that you will not be allowed to login multiple times to correct the errors but it comes to be known when you correct some of the errors leaving others to be done later and submit the form. Then it gets locked and you will not be able to open the edit option again. 

Edit all the errors in one go
Don’t try to go for error correction multiple times. You cannot login again after making correction in some of the errors and leaving the others for future. Candidates who login to edit the CAT 2019 application errors and submit without completing the modification cannot login again to correct the errors even if there are only 1 or 2 errors to correct.

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