CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Guide: One of the biggest dreams of any MBA aspirant is to clear CAT, the toughest management entrance exam and secure a seat in any of the top B-Schools. CAT is undoubtedly one of the most competitive exams in the country which is conducted by one of the IIMs on a rotational basis. It is taken by numerous fresh graduates and experienced professionals from various fields every year. It is always necessary to have a proper strategy and experienced faculties to guide along to excel in CAT. As the clock ticks and CAT 2019 draws nearer, aspirants are constantly seeking inspiration as how to crack CAT 2019 in the next few months. However, cracking CAT is more than just mugging a few formulas or learning a few shortcut tricks. CAT as an exam adopts a very pragmatic approach to test the students on realistic conditions. 

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CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Guide

CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Guide: Read the question

Although this might sound as obvious, under the pressure of appearing for the toughest MBA entrance exam, many candidates taking up CAT end up skimming through the questions rather than reading it in detail. It is important to gather all the information that is a part of the question as this information is pivotal to answer the question correctly. Therefore, the first step to answer any question would be to read the question thoroughly. Thereafter, understand what is being asked of you along with keeping an eye on what information is provided that can be used to arrive at the right answer.

CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Guide: Comprehend the content

This is probably one of the biggest challenges for MBA aspirants who have undergone a lot of sample tests and mock tests as part of their MBA test prep process. Many a time, you might come across questions in CAT exam which might look awfully similar to the ones you might have attempted in your CAT mock tests. But remember, in the last 3-5 years, CAT has not repeated a single question from their question bank or mock test series. CAT, being one of the toughest MBA entrance exams, all the questions asked in the exam are prepared by a core team on their own. Therefore, you will never get a repeat question or a question that is picked from any other mock tests. So, ensure that you read the question and comprehend it very carefully before you begin to answer the question. 

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CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Guide: Decide whether to attempt or not

Now, coming to the difficult part of whether to attempt a question or not. The whole idea of negative marking in the CAT exam is to test the confidence of the MBA aspirants in their ability to solve the questions and arrive at an answer that has a logical backing. Basically, negative marking helps in ensuring that you take the right risks and evaluate your chances of success realistically in a pressure situation.  Therefore, the aspect of whether to attempt or not is a major step in the process of answering a question and can often end up as a major factor determining your selection to the IIMs.

You must decide to attempt a CAT question if you are at least 90 to 95% sure about the accuracy of your answer. Another factor that you must consider while deciding to attempt any question is the time it would take you to arrive at the answer. As wasting too much time after one question might cost you dearly while trying to solve other questions that would have required much less time, comparatively. Therefore, do keep these two very important aspects in mind while taking the call of attempting a question in CAT exam. 

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CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Guide: Begin solving the question

Now, once you have read, comprehended and decided to attempt the question, comes the most important part of actually solving the question. Here’s where all your shortcuts and tricks that you learned to solve the CAT questions will come into the picture. Therefore, make sure that you put your best foot forward when it comes to solving the questions.

As per experts, while solving the questions, candidates must first rely upon their own ability to solve the question without any other tools like an online calculator. Although the on-screen calculator is quite a convenient tool but does consume a lot of time. Also, while using a rough sheet for doing calculations, make sure that they are done in a relatively neat and clean fashion. You must be able to identify all the steps that you have done in order to arrive at the answer. Make sure that the calculation of one question doesn’t end up over spilling into another, or you might have a tough time comprehending the solution later. 

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CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Guide: Answer should address the question directly

Finally, once you have the right answer to the question, make sure that you input it correctly in the MCQ options provided. If you are answering a descriptive question, make sure that you make all the relevant points within the space provided and are addressing the question directly and not really beating around the bush. This will help you to not only impress the evaluator, but also the chances of getting a higher percentile also increases if you are able to address the question directly.

Following these simple steps will enable you to answer even the most difficult of questions easily. In addition to enabling you to answer the questions easily, these steps will make sure that you have complete confidence and logical back to any and every answer that you arrive at. So, start following these simple steps and you will surely be able to score above 90 percentile in the upcoming CAT 2019 exam.