CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Tips: How to prepare for CAT 2019 is one of the most commonly asked questions by the CAT aspirants. CAT is undoubtedly one of the most competitive exams in the country which is conducted by one of the IIMs on a rotational basis. It is taken by numerous fresh graduates and experienced professionals from various fields every year and the aspiring candidates have to be well prepared for the exam to get into their preferred B-school. To excel in CAT, it is always necessary to have a proper strategy and experienced faculties to guide along. As time management is very crucial for this exam, developing a strong sectional time management strategy is very important. So, familiarize yourself with the test environment by taking full-length mocks and simulating real-time conditions as much as possible.

CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Tips

Sarthak, a Computer Science engineer shares how his disciplined approach and consistency in preparation helped him achieve a high CAT percentile of 99.87 percentile. Sarthak is now a PGP Student at IIM Bangalore. “Join an Online CAT Coaching as it will help on various fronts. You will get the techniques and strategies on Day1 itself and you will not need to do time-consuming hit and trials for them. Spend minimum possible time in preparing the concepts and start taking mock tests on a regular basis” says Sarthak.

Do’s in CAT Preparation

  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Try to ensure you do well in your weak areas in the mocks.
  • Try to ensure you do evenly well in all sections.
  • Analyze your performance in the mocks, and try to better yourself every time.

Dont’s in CAT Preparation

  • Never get frustrated after a few poor performances in the mocks.
  • Don’t focus on one section since it’s your strength, and believe that section alone will sail you through.
  • Don’t make things too complicated. Ultimately it’s only an exam on basic aptitude skills.
  • Don’t focus on quantity rather than quality.
  • Never give up. 

CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Tips: Quantitative Aptitude

For quant, the first thing to do is clearing the basics. There are multiple books available in the market, videos on YouTube or Online CAT Quant Course which are really helpful in clearing the basics concepts. “Once I had my basic concepts cleared, it was all about solving as many questions as possible from different books, online materials, and mock tests,” said Sarthak.

The entire strategy here circles around selecting the right questions. Sathak says “Once I was done with my conceptual basics, I picked up my first couple of mocks and analyzed them to see whether I was wasting time on the tough nuts. I devised my strategy in a way that allowed me to go through all the questions on the test while solving only those that I was confident about”.

CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Tips: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning

Read and practice various types of LRDI questions. Try to solve as many LRDI questions on all difficulty levels, as possible.  Regular practice will help you develop the methodology to solve a particular question and will come to know beforehand whether you will be able to solve a particular LRDI question set, when it appears in the examination or to skip that. Enroll in an Online CAT LRDI Course and get updated CAT Logical Reasoning Preparation Material of best coaching institutes. Attempt more CAT Logical Reasoning Mocks and analyze your errors after completing each one. Solve previous DI-LR sets and revisit the sets you were not able to solve in the mocks. CAT is too unpredictable for DI-LR and you should always prepare well for it.

CAT 2019 Exam Preparation Tips: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension

RC is the key component in this section. Reading Comprehension in CAT command 24% share in overall CAT exam and 70% share in the VARC section. Your mission to crack CAT 2019 should be to focus more on the RC passages in CAT. Read newspaper editorials and articles. After reading the passages, make a summary of the same which should be one-third of the passage size. Check if all the key points are covered in the summary of RC passage. Improve your reading speed. Join an Online CAT Verbal Course and understand the CAT Verbal Ability syllabus and solve as many CAT Verbal Ability questions as possible and understand the approach and then attempt mocks and analyze each one of them.

Mock Tests

Regular Mocks and analysis is a must for every aspirant. You can simply not neglect your mocks thinking about attempting them later. Attempting Online CAT Mock Tests and thoroughly analyzing them is a part of preparations and seeing the detailed answers, analysis, video solutions will help you to gain an extra advantage in tricks and tips. You must spend 5–6 hours analyzing every mock. Revising them before mocks, later on, helps you in not repeating the mistakes again.

Always remember, peer learning is extremely useful, particularly for a competitive exam like CAT. In other words, you can always solve what you can solve but when you come across what topics others have stumbled upon, or have doubts on, then your skills on those topics also get honed. And please don’t pressurize yourself too much. It’s true there are 2 lakh other candidates with a similar dream, you have to rise above them and prove yourself, but don’t let that overwhelm you. Have faith in yourself, and cherish the next 5-6 months. Good luck!