CAT 2019 Preparation Guide: As the clock ticks and CAT 2019 draws nearer, aspirants are constantly seeking inspiration as how to crack CAT 2019 in the next few months. One of the biggest dreams of any MBA aspirant is to clear CAT, the toughest management entrance exam and secure a seat in any of the top B-Schools. Crossing the 95 percentile mark is no piece of cake when it comes to CAT exam, it takes a good amount of hard work and persistence. In this CAT 2019 preparation guide, are the 10 commandments that will help you to score above 95 percentile and secure a seat in your dream B-school. 

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CAT 2019 Preparation Guide

CAT 2019 Preparation Guide: 10 Commandments to Score 95+%ile 

Define an appropriate study plan

Firstly, note down a detailed list of Quant & DI/LR topics and to get comfortable with the absolute basics of these topics, explore the CAT material of an Online CAT Coaching. Secondly, by this time of the year, it is very important to join a test series and start practicing mocks. Choose the mock test slot wisely so as to utilize your weekend effectively. Also, try taking the slot as per the real CAT schedule. Analyze your mistakes, weak topics from the test and work on these weak topics by giving the sectional tests before your next mock test.

Assume these CAT Mock Tests as your real CAT exam, follow the rules with full dedication and avoid taking breaks in between the test. If you are not aware, I must tell you that in CAT exam you don’t get even a 2 minutes break and you are not allowed to pause the exam or leave the examination hall under any circumstances. Joining multiple test series reduces your analysis time and gives you too much material to handle. Always remember, it is quality that matters not the quantity. Do not miss your mock tests. Mock tests will help you best to improve your performance.

Scan the Paper/Section first

Like every other competitive exam, the key to cracking CAT 2019 lies in actually evaluating the exam paper first and understanding how much time and effort you are going need to score above 95 percentile. Scanning the paper would give you an idea of where the easy questions lie which require less time and effort. On the other hand, if you follow a sequential order, you will end up wasting a lot of time on questions that you are not completely confident of solving in the given time. So, make it a rule to always scan the entire paper first and go through the entire question set; making a mental note of the questions that are easier to solve. 

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Do not pre-fix number of questions to attempt

One of the biggest mistakes that even the most brilliant of CAT aspirants do is to fix the number of questions to attempt from a particular section. While it is a good practice to perform a thorough SWOT analysis and understand your strengths and weaknesses and which sections to focus, fixing the minimum number of questions to attempt from a section is taking it to an extreme. No mock test or sample paper is good enough to truly predict the type, style, and format of questions which will be asked in CAT 2019. Therefore, fixing the number of questions to attempt in a section is a very bad idea. You would end up wasting a lot of time behind questions that you surely know are unanswerable. Therefore, it is advisable to attempt questions as you come across them without any compulsions and as per their merit.

Don’t lose heart if you fail to do well in one section

Another rookie mistake that MBA aspirants often do during CAT is to lose hope after not doing well in any one particular section of the CAT exam. While it is natural for one to lose heart for not meeting expectations in either VARC / Quant / DILR, you must remember that there are two other sections in which you can make up for the lost ground. Brooding over not performing well in one particular section would only bring down your own morale and put you into a negative mindset that would also adversely affect your performance in other sections. Therefore, never judge your CAT performance on the basis of one section. 

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Don’t get into an ego tussle with yourself

CAT 2019 is an exam which not only tests their intelligence quotient but also emotional quotient. Many a time, you will come across questions in CAT exam that seems very easy and similar to the ones that you have solved earlier, but in reality, they are much different and difficult. In such cases, it is best to always realize this in time and take a conscious call to not attempt them; instead of getting into an ego tussle with yourself for solving it. You must remember that ultimately only the things that you are able to do on the D-day are the ones that count. So, even if you have solved a particular type of question a 100 times prior to this day, if it is taking too much time on the D-day, it is better to leave it rather than waste a lot of time on it.

Be patient to avoid errors

This one is quite self-explanatory. Patience is one of the key traits which is thoroughly tested in CAT. Candidates doing all the hard work to arrive at the right answer, in the hurry candidates often end up selecting the wrong option. This is all due to the exam pressure and anxiety. Therefore, to avoid such mistakes, it is always important to be patient and avoid such errors.

Grow an eye for details

Again this point flows from the earlier one. Candidates often end up messing things up due to small errors. One such simple example of growing an eye for detail would be to keep an eye over the units in which the question and answers are posted. For instance, a data analysis question might provide you data in millions but the answers given as MCQs might be in lakhs. Therefore, until and unless you notice such minor details and calculate things accordingly, you might never make any headway with regards to solving the question. So, grow an eye for detail and you will surely save a lot of time and effort in solving CAT questions. 

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Don’t carry hangover of the previous section

After completing one section, you would either be quite happy and satisfied with your performance or be completely down in dumps; depending upon how you managed to answer the questions. However, when it comes to CAT, it is best to treat each individual section as a separate paper and also not to carry any hangover of the earlier sections in the next one. If you go in without any confidence or with a completely negative mindset, you might again make mistakes which you would not have made otherwise. Therefore, it is very important to be indifferent to your performance in each of the sections of the CAT exam.

Avoid the guessing game

Finally, coming to the biggest mistakes that thousands of MBA aspirants do every year during CAT exam is playing the guessing game. Even the brightest among the lot falls for this trick. After investing a lot of time in solving a particular question, when you are unable to come to any logical conclusion, you often resort to the guessing game. This puts you at a greater risk of not only losing out on the marks for that particular question but also marks you might have scored from other questions, thanks to negative marking. Therefore, negative marking is a complete ‘No’ when it comes to CAT. 

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Steer clear of rumours

Rumours are your biggest enemy, especially the ones which are directed in creating a negative mindset about the upcoming CAT 2019 entrance exam. As the exam day approaches, you will start hearing a lot of rumours related to the CAT exam pattern, CAT exam syllabus and the general trend which would dictate the way you should change your preparation strategy. But, as experience has taught up, such rumours never turn out to be true and will only deviate you from the core preparation strategy you have for CAT 2019. So, if you want to score above 95 percentile and get into the best MBA colleges in India, you must steer clear of such rumours and follow the MBA test prep strategy that you have designed for yourself.

These are the 10 simple commandments that one must follow in order to make CAT 2019 a fruitful attempt in scoring above 95 percentile and getting into the best MBA colleges in India. Hope this CAT 2019 preparation guide helps. All the Best!