CAT 2019 Preparation in 5 Months: There are about 165 odd days left for CAT 2019. This is a time everyone starts thinking of an MBA and begin their CAT preparation! Five months are more than sufficient if one is systematic, consistent and committed. Very few students have started their preparation in right earnest and almost everyone is gearing up to the same. June and July are the months in which students wake up to the reality of taking CAT. If you plan your 5 months properly, there is more than enough time to prepare and become ready for the exam! Online CAT Coaching offers a lot of benefits over conventional classroom programs. However, as CAT preparation is self-driven a few things need to be taken care of during the course of preparation.

CAT 2019 Preparation in 5 Months

CAT 2019 Exam Pattern

Section Area No. of Questions Marks in Section Time Limit
Section I Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC) 34 102 60
Section II Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR) 32 96 60
Section III Quantitative Ability (QA) 34 102 60
Total 100 300 180

Each section consists of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) as well as non-Multiple Choice Questions (non-MCQs), also known as Type In The Answer (TITA). For Non-MCQ questions, there are no negative marks. 

CAT 2019 Preparation in 5 Months

Preparing for any entrance exam requires an executable plan! Here is one that can give the broad contours of what one has to do to make it to the coveted IIMs.

June to August: Building Foundations

The objective in these 3 months would be to gain complete familiarity in the areas, topics, concepts, and type of questions that the CAT exam has. In the months of June, July and August, the focus should be in going through all the topics in all areas of CAT viz., QA, DILR, and VARC. The first two to three months must be utilized for the first round of preparation in all areas of the exam through a simple method called CAT! 

Fundamentals of Concepts, Application & Tests (CAT)

  • Concepts: Learn all the basic concepts and formulae for each topic.
  • Application: Solve exercises to apply the concepts/formulae learned.
  • Tests: Taking topic-wise tests to assess your speed and strategy.

In addition to the above, one has to start taking Mock CATs. Ideally, not more than one per two weeks is sufficient for the months of June and July and from August onwards, one is expected to take two-three mocks per week.

CAT 2019 Preparation in 5 Months: Quantitative Ability 

To prepare for the Quant section, your focus should be on the number of correct responses rather than the number of attempts. This section will consist of every kind of question, from easy to difficult ones. Speed is essential while solving these questions. The 5 essential tips which can help you excel in the Quantitative Ability section is as follows:

  • Practice chapter by chapter. Know basic theories and varieties of problems from all chapters. For a better understanding of basics, one can join an Online CAT Quant Course.
  • Ask questions. Do a regular discussion of short-cut methods amongst your study group.
  • Build up your speed. Study for 3-4 hours at a stretch while doing the practice.
  • Solve numerous questions. Solve at least 20-25 mock test to prepare well for this section of CAT.
  • Avoid using a calculator. 

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CAT 2019 Preparation in 5 Months: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 

LRDI is one of the scoring section in CAT and is especially important for those who are not much comfortable in other sections. There is no simple, comfortable or straight-forward way to improve in LRDI section. However, with regular practice and by applying a few methods you can definitely improve your performance.

  • Solve the question in a pictorial or tabular form. This will improve the speed of discerning the information given in the passage.
  • Solve puzzle-based games such as Sudoku, Crossword puzzles, etc.
  • Attempt as many questions as possible from the online mock test or by solving sample paper. 

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CAT 2019 Preparation in 5 Months: Verbal Ability 

  • Read as much as you can and try to comprehend.
  • Reading newspaper opinions and editorials will help you improve your speed of reading and ability to comprehend.
  • Solve at least four passages and few questions of Critical Reasoning, Para Completion, Para Jumbles daily. 
  • Most of the practice that one needs for this section can be gained from an Online CAT Verbal Course and mocks, and you can improve immensely if you work hard. 

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September & October: Second Revision Phase

These two months are crucial for CAT 2019 preparation. One has to work on strategy, second revision and continue taking full-length mock CATs. In addition to that, this is the time to experiment on the strategy of taking the exam. The 60 days in September and October have to be used for the second revision of all concepts through topic-wise tests and section-wise tests; one can monitor the progress in each specific topic or area of the exam.

Full-length CAT Mock Tests are to be used to hone one’s strategy and arrive at a strategy that gives maximum benefits. Please note that there is no one good strategy and depending on each person’s strengths or weaknesses, the strategy should be devised. 

November: The Final Assault

The last 25 days before CAT would be the final assault on the exam! Here one has to take up selective revision, take mock CATs and additional sectional tests and finalize exam strategy. After every mock, a thorough analysis of each of the sections, zeroing in on the problem areas, working towards eliminating these problem areas and most importantly strengthening the mental ability to crack this exam would be the main requirements in November!

Aptitude is something that has a time validity attached to it. With these tips, you are all prepared for the CAT 2019. Take a lot of mock tests and get completely prepared to tackle the CAT questions easily. So, it can be said that preparing for CAT in 5 months is not very difficult if one prepares in a smart and efficient way. All the best!