CAT 2019 Quant Study Guide: CAT is not only a test of Quantitative Ability or Verbal Skills, but it is also a test of speed and accuracy. The questions from various topics of Quant may be easy or tough, but what makes the difference is how well and fast you use your mind to solve them with 100 percent accuracy. It’s said that calculation is an art you are born with, but it is not the fact always. Calculation indeed is an art, but it can be acquired with consistent practice and persistence. When preparing for any MBA entrance exam, speed calculation is one tool that can help you achieve accuracy and precision in the exam. Therefore, candidates aiming for high scores in the exam must put their effort in improving their calculation speed. This skill will not only help you with time management in the exam but will also save you from the crisis of potential negative marking. In this article, we bring to you CAT 2019 quant study guide and tips to score 99+%ile in CAT 2019. 

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CAT 2019 Quant Study Guide

CAT 2019 Quant Study Guide: 10 Steps to Improve Calculation Speed

Leave no concept unturned: It is important that once you list down all the topics, you understand where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Do not make the mistake of spending too much time on your strong topics and neglect the weak ones. Each topic in this section is a different ball game altogether, so it goes without saying that one must be above average in all topics and great at few, in order to succeed. Finish going through all the concepts and solve as many questions as possible. This would mean, you will need to devote an hour and solve at least 30 questions on a daily basis. Maintain notes for all the concepts and revisit them during weekends.

Math exercise: Morning is the time where you can work with high efficiency. Get up early in the morning; warm yourself up a bit, so that you are completely fresh; then sit up and start your calculation practice. Well, it could be the same for some people who work at night as well; however, morning time is something that is preferable above all. 

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Follow the hierarchy: The term hierarchy here refers to building basics from the beginning. Go for calculations which are easy, then slowly proceed to the intermediate level, then to the advanced level. Start with as simple calculations as you can.

Set Fixed Schedule: Now, set fixed schedules for practicing. Practice daily, at least for thirty minutes. Keep increasing your practice duration. Keep a check on the speed daily. Set targets, try to accomplish the targets. In no circumstances, there shall be a drop from your previous ones. It is important to work out of the comfort zone. Time, speed, and obviously accuracy do matter.

Short methods and group studies: Nothing boosts the confidence of a candidate more than a question which he can solve without lifting the pen in an ongoing test. More such questions, better the score. This can be achieved by improving the mental calculation and by discussing unconventional methods with a focused study group. Many times it involves the use of options to get the correct answer. 

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Building stamina: Quant is the last section of the test paper. That means aspirants would reach this part of the paper in the 121st minute of the test. An aspirant who hasn’t developed stamina for the last hour would be challenged to deliver his regular performance. Study for 3-4 hours at a stretch while doing practice and this would help you in increasing your productivity.

Mental calculation: CAT will offer a basic calculator to all the test takers. But this will not reduce the importance of mental calculation. Since it’s an on-screen calculator, the mental calculation will win against the calculator in time consumption in most cases. Do enough practice of the basic summation, subtraction, tables, and fractions. Remember, solving the chapters for the first time teaches you Mathematics. The second time, it brings speed in solving. Aspirants are advised to solve all the chapters twice to get the advantage of speed and accuracy in the exam.

Accuracy: There are three elements to securing a good percentile in Quant: Accuracy, Selection, and Speed. The key to accuracy is selection. Do not spend more than 30 seconds on a question at first glance. If you think a question is going to take more than 60 seconds for you to solve, mark for review and move on. You can come back and solve it once you have glanced through all the questions at least once. Attempt all the easy questions at first, move on to moderate questions during your second round and keep difficult questions for the end. One of the most important advantages of CAT, as opposed to GMAT, is the freedom to revisit questions. Make use of it. This applies to all sections, not just Quant. 

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Attempt all non-MCQ questions: The best part of non-MCQ questions is that there is no negative marking. So, CAT 2019 test takers are advised to not leave these questions. These questions in CAT 2019 question paper do not require guesswork but will be based on logical reasoning. So, focus on the analytical and logical deduction to be able to answer these questions.

More mock tests: The best advice anyone can give would be to give as many mocks as possible before attempting the CAT. Practice as much as you can. For QA, sectional tests by any of the coaching institutes would be the right way to go about it. Keep a track of your attempts and accuracy in each mock test. Analyze the mocks to diagnose the reasons behind your accuracy. Analyze the mocks even if you have secured good marks in this section. It is always good to know alternate and faster methods to solve any problem. 

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The best way to learn Mathematics is to do Mathematics. This signifies that practice, practice, and practice can make you excel in Mathematics and improve your speed and accuracy. The key to scoring more is owning your mistakes and improving. You cannot expect to score more if you do not rectify your mistakes. I hope these tips will help you in your preparation for the CAT 2019. All the Best!