CAT 2019 Study Plan for Students: The CAT 2019 exam is a highly sought-after national entrance exam which shows the ‘moon-door’ to the most prestigious management institutes within the country. With roughly six months in hand, this is the ripe time to set the wheel in motion. However, before venturing out on this intense journey riddled with complications, you must have an imperative study plan in hand to take care of all the crucial aspects of the CAT 2019 exam.

CAT 2019 Study Plan for Students

If you are a student who is either in his/her final year or graduation or planning to take a gap year for cracking CAT 2019, let us hand-hold you and provide you an excellent time-table and daily schedule so as to boost your preparation for the upcoming exam. In case you have not enroled into any coaching, we recommend Online CAT Coaching to you as they are cost-effective, save time and help you streamline your preparation process.

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CAT 2019 Exam Pattern

  • The CAT exam is a computer-based test meant to be completed within three hours, with sixty minutes allotted to each section.
  • There are three sections in the CAT exam namely Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension (VARC); Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR); Quantitative Aptitude (QA)
  • The exam has both MCQs and Non MCQs – the former requires you to pick the correct answer out of the given options, while the latter involves you to the type in the correct answer (TITA).
  • Each correct answer in CAT exam pattern will be awarded 3 marks whether it is MCQ or Non-MCQ.
  • Each wrong answer for MCQ in CAT exam 2019 will be imposed a penalty of 1/3 negative mark (-1 mark).
  • There is no penalty of negative marking on wrong answers to Non-MCQs in CAT 2019 exam pattern.
Sections MCQs Non-MCQs Total Questions Total Marks Time allotted
VARC 24 10 34 102 60 minutes
DI/LR 24 8 32 96 60 minutes
QA 27 7 34 102 60 minutes
Total 75 25 100 300 180 minutes

How to draft a CAT 2019 Study Plan?

Since one size does not fit all, it is crucial that one devises a bespoke study plan post introspecting ones’ own strengths and weaknesses. Aspirants should try and fight tooth and nail in areas where they are weak and must also have a smooth sailing where their strongest suits are concerned. Most top institutes give a great emphasis on sectional scores as well, therefore, an unbalanced score can cost you big time.

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CAT 2019: Daily Preparation Schedule

In general, CAT aspirants, freshers, must dedicate 1.5 hours every day to prepare for the exam, As the exam inches closer, increase the time duration to 3 hours per day. Also, aspirants should be mindful of dedicating a good proportion of time to every individual section. A disproportionate amount of time given to Quant at the cost of LRDI or vice versa will affect your preparation and eventual CAT score. Though LRDI has been a game changer in the CAT exam in the past few years, it is recommended that one fairly allocates their time to all the sections of the CAT exam.

RC questions will depend tremendously on the ability of the aspirant to comprehend and disseminate information. Therefore, aspirants must develop a reading habit and familiarise themselves with all kind of passages and content so they are not averse to any genre.

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CAT 2019: Preparation Timeline

The ideal time to start preparing for the CAT exam is May, however, since June has begun, would commence the timeline from this month itself:

  1. June – July
  2. July – September
  3. October – November

Strengthen the basics

Aspirants must devote the time from June to July to strengthen their basics since they are the backbone of the CAT exam, and if ignored, can cause you problems further down the line. Avoid rushing through the topics during this period and allocate enough time to individual topics so as to have them ingrained in your mind. Avoid overstressing and overstraining but have your concepts solid and clear by the end of July.

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Building Speed

The months from July to September must be devoted to building your speed. Time management is a crucial aspect of the CAT exam and your study plan should also be devised bearing in mind the same. You should attempt a lot of problems so you can be acquainted with different kinds of problems. This exercise will also help you propel past the template questions and guarantee a sail of 90 percentile.

Taking Mock Tests

The ideal time to start taking Mocks is in the month of May. Aspirants must take a Mock Test per week and gradually increase the frequency to 3-4 Mocks per week. Mock Tests enable the aspirants to perfect the art of test-taking, helps improve speed and accuracy and identify areas of strengths and weaknesses if analysed the right way. Enrolling into an Online Mock CAT Series will help you exponentially in mastering Mocks.

Selection of the right questions is a skill which requires polishing. The phases prior to solving Mocks are the ones where you need to build your basics and cover the syllabus. The Mocks will help you extract the maximum out of your preparation and their analysis will help you realise where you have gone wrong. They also help aspirants develop a strategy which is very essential for the D-day. Also, you can also tweak the strategy as per your requirements and level of the paper. 

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Aspirants must be careful to allocate equal time to all the three sections of the exam. They must see how they can exploit their strengths and cracking one section helps aspirants propel to cracking more sections. Also, one should see how they can obtain a decent percentile in the weaker sections so as to clear sectional-cutoffs.

The CAT 2019 exam, like other competitive exams , requires hard work and perseverance and can be aced easily if one has the right preparation strategy under their belt and follow the CAT 2019 Study Plan for Students. We wish you all the best for CAT 2019!

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