CAT 2019 Time Management Tips: Time is precious, use it wisely is an idiom which perfectly expresses the significance of time management for all the CAT 2019 aspirants. CAT not only tests your potential to answer tough questions but also your mettle to overcome time constraints and ability to perform under pressure. Time management is considered as a crucial aspect of CAT exam. Poor time management can either result in poor preparation or unattempted questions during exams that can seriously hamper the overall CAT score. Keeping this in mind, it is vital that MBA aspirants learn time management skills to manage time effectively before and during the exam, to ace the CAT.

CAT 2019 Time Management Tips

Twenty-one-year-old Ritesh Singh has emerged as one of the eleven 100 percentile scorers, who is a fresh IIT-Delhi graduate working in a bank. He is a candidate who notched up a 100 percentile without attending any coaching sessions. All he did was to join an Online CAT Coaching and practice plenty of mocks. A determined and headstrong working professional bagged the perfect percentile in his second attempt. CAT preparation combined with sustained analysis of mocks and practice tests helped him to ace the most coveted entrance examination. Here are a few CAT 2019 Time Management Tips and Strategies followed by CAT 100%ilers.

CAT 2019 Time Management Tips

While dividing time during preparation one should keep in mind the following CAT 2019 Time Management Tips:

  • Find your own strategies.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses before you go in for the exam. Attempt only those questions that you know you can sail through. The exam is no time for you to experiment.
  • Grammar needs practice. Thus, spending time for solving grammar exercises and practicing writing skills is a good idea.
  • Data Interpretation is calculation intensive and therefore requires rigorous practice.
  • Reasoning can only be strengthened with regular practice.
  • Go through the list of frequently used words and phrases to strengthen your vocabulary.
  • Memorize your formulae beforehand.
  • Remember solving techniques for Quant and LR.
  • Attempt sufficient number of questions under each section.
  • Do not attempt all 100 questions.
  • Do not get emotionally attached to any question. Solving a difficult question will fetch you the same marks as the easy ones. So it’s better to invest your time in questions that are worth it. Else drop them.
  • Do not waste time rewriting the questions on the rough sheet. Use the rough sheet only for calculations.
  • Assign time to every question and stick to it. Drop a question if it is taking much longer than your assigned time-per-question. Assign time to each question and stick to it.
  • Forget about the question you dropped. You are going to lose marks if you obsess over dropped questions.

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Sectional Time Management Tips

It is mandatory to build accuracy and speed in a competitive exam like CAT. Take plenty of mock tests for each section with time limit. Ritesh also suggests another way to manage time in the three sections for CAT 2019, “Try to attempt each section in three rounds. In the first round, pick questions that you are sure about and can solve without wasting time. In round two, pick questions those are an opportunity for you, while in round three, pick the questions that you think you can solve but are time-consuming and ensure to answer all the non-MCQs as they do not have any negative marking.” The first round can go on for 30–35 minutes where you must try to attempt around 15–16 questions. Alongside, keep marking those questions which seem solvable but might take more time. Attempt the marked problems in round two. If there is still time left, go for another stab at the tough questions in round three.

CAT topper and 100%iler Ritesh highlighted that the key to CAT preparation lies in mock tests. Join an Online CAT Verbal, Quant, and LRDI Course along with mock test series. These tests help analyze one’s potential, strengths, and weaknesses associated with the topics and types of questions which will appear in CAT. Additionally, CAT Mock Tests help aspirants gauge areas which require further revision and practice in order to obtain a higher score. Ritesh mentioned that it is always more important to focus on stronger areas and score higher in the same instead of struggling with weaker areas or sections during the exam.

Time Management Tips for the CAT Exam Day

  • Don’t spend too much time on one question: Keep maximum two to three minutes for a question. If you are not able to figure out the solution, move ahead to the next question.
  • Start with your comfortable areas: The thumb rule of attempting any exam is to start with the comfortable questions as it is expected to be less time-consuming. Ritesh shares that, “First, I did the Reading Comprehension part in VA & RC sections as it was my strong point. I knew I could finish RC quickly and move to VA. For Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DI & LR), I recommend aspirants to target 15 correct questions if the paper is difficult. And for QA, mark the easy questions and solve them first to save your time.”
  • The art of leaving: Learning the art of leaving is actually one of the most important tricks you should have up your sleeve to crack CAT. You have to let go of the rotten eggs, so you go to the golden ones which are easy to crack.
  • Save time for revision: Revision is equally important for ensuring a good percentile in CAT. After the completion of test, revise the answers to ensure that there are no mistakes. Allot at least 10 minutes at the end of the test for the complete revision of each section.
  • Go back to the marked question in the buffer time: Mark the time-consuming questions for review and revisit them once you complete the section. After a thorough revision, try and solve those marked questions.

CAT is not a difficult exam. A little planning and plotting can help your crack this exam. All you need is the right approach along with good strategies to reach your goal of cracking the CAT exam. So, plan effectively and just nail it.