CAT 2019 Study Plan for Students in Final Year: College is undoubtedly the best time of your life. Because let’s face it, when else will your parents spend several thousands/lakhs a year just for you to go to a new city and get drunk every night? Just kidding! The point is, college life is composed of a lot of beautiful moments stitched together. While it is a period of your life where you are trying to figure out who you are, it is also a period where you must decide which path you want to tread on for life.

If you have over 50% in graduation and want to build a solid corporate career or yourself, you must write MBA entrance exams, the most important of them being the CAT exam, in the final year of your graduation.

CAT 2019 Study Plan for Students in Final Year:

Confused: CAT or Degree?

Your career path is of utmost importance, yet, your graduation will take you there, so it is of ultimate importance that you take it very seriously as well. However, the journey for the CAT exam also has to begin now, therefore, you must choose between the two – if you do not want to go for an MBA program in future, focus completely on your current academic pursuit. Whereas if MBA is your ultimate destination, learn to prioritise and juggle both your graduation studies and CAT preparation accordingly. You can decide to prepare yourself for the CAT exam, or join a traditional coaching or opt for an Online CAT Coaching since they are both cost-effective and save time. Whatever you end up choosing, give it your 100%!

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How to prepare for the CAT 2019 Exam in the Final Year of your Graduation?

Let us assume that you have decided to take the CAT 2019 exam. In this case, you should follow the given steps:

  • Prepare a Study Time Table to be followed religiously.
  • Enrol in a offline or Online CAT Coaching (Optional).
  • Start preparing at home by yourself.

It is recommended that you first go through CAT 2019 Exam Pattern and Syllabus to see the obstacles you have to surmount. If you feel that you have the basics already and can cover up the syllabus by yourself, go for self preparation. If, however, you feel there are more areas where you would tend to struggle or will have difficulty grasping, go for CAT 2019 Coaching and Online Mock Series which will help in streamlining your preparation and provide you with additional guidance as well.

Choosing CAT 2019 Online Coaching

Just because you are opting for an online coaching does not mean you can be careless about it and pick any off the market – Remember, a good online coaching can make your score and a bad one can break it. So, it is important that you be wise about selecting a coaching for yourself. Therefore, you should enrol into a demo class first to understand the pedagogy and if the coaching centres are delivering good lectures and duly answering all your queries, besides providing high quality study material in adequate proportions.

  • Do check if the coaching is providing full-length mocks timely. If yes, check if the tests are as per the updated CAT exam pattern and syllabus.
  • Besides the aforementioned factors, you should also gather related information like batch size, availability of doubt clarification classes, course modules, feedback from aspirants, supportive faculty etc.

The CAT 2019 exam resides among the most prestigious exams of the country in order to help you pave your way towards your dream B-school. However, like they say, ‘Nothing worth having comes easy,’ the same is with the CAT exam. One needs to be focussed and committed towards their goals, besides proper utilisation of time and required resources. Let us not forget to judiciously invest our time and money into the right CAT coaching.

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CAT 2019 Study Plan for Students in Final Year: Important Tips

  • Since June has already come to an end, it is highly advisable to have a measurable and personalised study plan crafted immediately, which you would be following for the next few months till the CAT 2019 exam. Also, you must identify your strong and weak areas first and divide each of them further in two parts.
  • For areas of strength, you can divide them into two parts, one where you solve with 100% accuracy in less time and the second part where you solve with 100% accuracy but end up taking more time than the average time required to solve those questions.
  • For areas for weaknesses, you may follow the same pattern: divide them into two layers, the former being the ones where you lack in accuracy but can manage solving with a bit more time in hand, and the latter where you are completely lacking the basics and need to work upon from scratch.
  • This way you will both improve on your existing strengths and master your weaknesses and also learn to efficiently distribute time across topics and recognising the number of questions you need to solve for every topic.
  • Inculcate a reading habit in yourself to perform well both in the CAT exam and for long term gains as well. You must, however, avoid spending time on ‘vocabulary building,’ since it is no longer needed to score high in the CAT exam.
  • Gradually, when you move to attempting both sectional and full-length mocks, in case you feel that your performance is trailing in other areas, you could work on bringing the weaker areas at par with others.
  • It is crucial to chart out a plan for every topic/question type within each subject and define targets for the same.
  • The months of August and September are the peak time for your preparation. Therefore, the latter should be devoted to building concepts for eliminating weak areas and practicing applications to further strengthen strong areas.  September should be devoted to improve weak areas and ensure 80% attempts with 80% accuracy and 95-100% attempts in strong areas with at least 90% accuracy.
  • After solidifying basics, you should spent the next two months in fine-tuning your test preparation by focusing on better question selection, spotting tough questions so you can prevent wasting time on them unless done with sitters and questions with medium level of difficulty.
  • Last but not the least, you must not only solve as many Mocks as you can but also analyse them and introspect in the outcome of them before hopping on to more Mocks.

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CAT 2019 Study Plan for Students in Final Year: Conclusion

Since students in their final year of graduation are eligible to take the CAT exam, they must not let go of this wonderful opportunity and must write the CAT exam as soon as possible with the help of CAT 2019 Study Plan for Students in Final Year. With sincere hard work, dedication and the right preparation strategy, once can easily score a decent percentile in the CAT exam. Also, even if you don’t want to go full throttle at CAT 2019, you can instead write the exam only to see how the question paper is like and assess your own performance before properly writing the CAT 2020 exam. Good Luck!

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