CAT 2019 Preparation: We have nearly 6 months till the feline strikes and 6 months is more than enough time for CAT 2019 Preparation! However, a structured approach is required to tackle the same!

About the  CAT 2019 Exam

CAT 2019 Preparation

CAT 2019 will be held in the last week of November. CAT 2018 was held on November 25, 2018 and saw over 2.40 lakh registrations, out of which 10,000 were re-takers and the ratio of female candidates appearing in CAT 2018 was also on a rise. Quite obviously, these students would have worked night and day to achieve the score that would steer them towards the B-school of their dreams.

Where preparation for the CAT 2019 exam is concerned, it can be done both online and offline. But since we are living in a technology-driven industry, resorting to online coachings and study material is the new norm. Let us attempt to understand through his article how to prepare for CAT 2019 in 6 months and how CAT 2019 Preparation will be helpful to get a good score in the CAT 2019 Exam.

CAT 2019 Preparation – Study plan for 6 months!

Phase 1

Setting weekly targets & aiming to achieve them before time: While working/studying work may come up suddenly (ad hoc work/surprise test) and we understand that one needs flexibility to do well in the CAT 2019 Exam. Hence, juggling between CAT 2019 Preparation and office work/college becomes all the more necessary. Also innovation in preparation also helps a lot.

Varun Saxena, Founder of CareerAnna, found himself in a similar kind of a dilemma during his CAT 2019 Preparation phase: Whether he should work or study, what should he do and how much time he should allot. That is when I decided that he need to do something. He used to set targets like:

  • Half an hour a day of reading
  • Two Quant concepts a day (theory)
  • 1 DI set, 1 LR set (preferably from old mock papers)
  • Half an hour a day of quants practice

Varun followed this for around 2-3 months and did feel that it helped him a lot. If you look at this as a bunch it will take you 1.5-2 hours a day but if you segregate it into smaller sessions then around 6-7 15-20 minute sessions will suffice, and this amount of time you can easily take out in between your work.

Also, find ways to use the time you think goes waste every day. For example, Varun used to read while he used to commute in the Mumbai locals. So, he used to make use of that 1 hour in the train which would have gone to waste otherwise.

Phase 2

In the later 2–3 months,  Mocks will start pouring in and giving them enough time and attention is of paramount importance. So it is wise to finish the theoretical part of preps before Mocks, and do start right away if possible! If not then learning through Mocks (as good Mock Series mostly cover all the types of questions asked in  the exam) is another way but one must not lose heart because of low scores as the end goal is to score well in CAT 2019! Also one should thoroughly experiment and finalize on a strategy for the actual exam.

Keep a track of the following factors while analysing Mocks :

  • Accuracy – there’s always a tradeoff between accuracy & speed – so figure out what is working for you and what is not!
  • The best approach to solve a problem – What is the best way to solve a problem; have you used the same?
  • Strong-Weak areas – Are there any weak areas left – if yes, go back to the basics and put in the required hard work!

Start slowly with 1 Mock per week – taking at least 3–4 days to analyse them and later on promote yourself to 2 mocks per week – slowly you will see that the time taken for analysing also reduces!

So to summarise:

In the first 2–3 months:

  • Start off with learning concepts
  • Learn to apply them
  • Practice as you learn
  • Try to complete your topic wise learning before mocks start

In the last 3 months:

  • Take 1–2 mocks/week – Analyze them – Experiment

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