With a majority of working professionals facing the issues of Time Management and balancing work with CAT Preparation, today we bring to you CAT Study Plan for Working Professionals to ease out the problem of all the working professionals out there preparing for CAT. 

5 month study plan for cat

CAT Study Plan for Working Professionals

Before we move to the Study Plan, there are certain pre-activities which a working professional needs to do, as most of the working professionals would have taken CAT at least once before and have a slightly better idea as compared to freshers when it comes to strengths and weaknesses.


Identify where you stand when it comes to different sections in CAT Exam. Identify your strengths and weaknesses in the beginning (latest by mid-June) so that throughout your preparation you put maximum effort on your weaker topics and improvise on those areas. Meanwhile, do not be overconfident about your stronger topics and keep working on them at regular intervals so that you can ensure that you maximize your score through these topics. 

Discipline and Determination

Much more than a fresher, a working professional needs to be much more disciplined and determined to crack CAT and achieve the dream of pursuing MBA from a top B School. May be to get rid of their current work profile, prove a point to friends/relatives, to get better packages and what not. However, the biggest driving reason for you to stay focused, determined and disciplined should be to PROVE A POINT TO YOURSELF that no matter what hiccups come in life, you are a fighter and no barriers can stop you from achieving your dream, dream of being an MBA from a highly reputed institute. 

Target Percentile

The moment you cross 1.5 years of work experience, 97 percentile is the minimum you need to land into a B School which can do justice to your profile. And the moment you cross 3 years of work experience bracket – nothing less than a 99.2 Percentile should be your target. 

Should I take a break from Job to prepare for CAT?

Let us answer this question too before moving to the CAT Study Plan. 

There is no harm in taking a break from the job, if you think that work is taking an excessive toll on you and draining you to an extent that you cannot even take out 1 hour in a day during weekdays for yourself and CAT Preparation. However, if the toll is not that excessive as mentioned above, try to prepare for CAT alongside your job. But yes, be clear that taking a gap does not harm your chances of converting the call. Many people in the past have taken 4-6 months break from the job to prepare for CAT, scored high and landed up in top IIMs. So this is not a barrier and should not be the reason to take a call on continuing or quitting a job. 

Now, let us move to CAT Study Plan for Working Professionals

Verbal Ability

Reading Comprehension is the topic with the highest weightage in Verbal Ability section. To ensure you do well in the section, try to follow the steps below:

1. Since you may not have time to read books, it is advisable that you read a variety of blogs or ebooks on the go on your mobile. 

2. Make sure you practice 2-3 RCs a day and you can do this at work or even on the go while commuting.

3. Adopt a practice-based approach for Vocabulary. Use sites such as ‘Thesaurus.com” or Use Vocab Builder through Mnemonics section of Career Anna to build vocabulary. Avoid mugging up the Baron’s wordlist, it will not help much. Try to learn words along with their synonyms and antonyms and that is where Thesaurus will help you a lot.

Quantitative Aptitude

If Quant is your strong area already and you are aware of the concepts and short cuts, this season just focuses on taking 1 sectional test every 3 days and 1 topic test every day. Try to take more topic tests of Geometry, followed by Algebra and then number system.

However, if you are weak in Quant – do not just solve questions or Arun Sharma’s book. Just reading the concepts from the book will not help. You need to focus on concept building, get handy with short cuts, and gain the confidence needed to maul the Quant section of CAT. Once you cross this barrier, you can take a next step of practicing with online tests with the same frequency which is mentioned above, and the same order of topics for topic tests.

However, what we have seen that most of the working professionals will think that fall in-between the above two cases: that is neither too weak nor too strong. In such a scenario, suggest you brush up the concepts from your past notes or a book – identify the topics where just brushing up from the book did not help. Then work an extra mile on these topics through Classes and being taught by some good teacher who has taken the CAT exam in the past and knows what it takes to score high. Since offline coachings with good faculty do not offer you this option to go for topic wise courses or section-wise courses, you can opt for Online Classes and here is the review and comparison of Online Classes for You.

Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning

Remember that there has been NO GOOD BOOK in the market ever which has matched the trend of LR DI Questions in CAT.

The best way to practice LR DI is through Past Papers, Past Mocks, Coaching LR DI Assignments and Tests you can get in a dedicated LR DI CAT Online Course or in LR DI Classes of an offline institute.

For non CAT Exams, you can prepare LR from Arihant Logical Reasoning Book. 

CLICK HERE to read in detail how to prepare Logical Reasoning for CAT – remains the same for both working professionals and freshers.

Mock CAT, Topic Test, and Sectional Test Frequency

  • June – 2 Topic Tests Daily – focus less on mocks and more on concept building during this time
  • July – 1 Full Length Mock every 7th Day, 1 Sectional Test every day, 2 Topic Tests Daily
  • August – 1 Full-Length Mock every 5th Day, 3 Sectional Tests every 2 days, 3 Topic Tests Daily
  • September – 1 Full Length Mock every 4th Day, 4 Sectional Tests every 2 days, 3 Topic Tests Daily
  • October – 1 Full Length Mock every 3rd Day, 3 Sectional Tests every day

What should be done about CAT coaching?
An important question here that should pop into your mind at this juncture: what should you do about CAT COACHING? Should you join offline coaching institute? Should you join the weekend batch of offline coaching institute and spend hours and hours at the center?

Truly, Realistically and Honestly, I believe you should save the weekends for yourself and not spend 7-8 hours on any offline coaching batch. Reason being no one teaches you to crack CAT, one can only guide you to crack CAT and ensure your all the doubts are solved and you are made to learn where are you making the mistake so that you can avoid those mistakes and increase your score. 

And with the least personal doubt solving done by any offline coaching institute, the weekend batches are the sheer waste of not only money but the much bigger asset for you at this critical juncture – i.e. TIME in hand to prepare.

check out this Analysis and Objective Comparison of Online CAT Coachings HERE.

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