CAT Topper Strategy: With the next CAT 2019 already on the radar, a lot of you must at least have an idea of what the exam is all about and what is expected of you. But, most of what I see expressed in student circles points to a negative connotation about the difficulty level of the exam. “Well, I am no expert and I speak solely from my preparation experience when I say that at the end of the day, CAT is a test of the most basic skills, across all the three sections. CAT is not about tough questions and whether you have the mathematical prowess to answer them. Rather, it is just an insight into the basics and your ability to use them in any question that may be posed” says Gursimran Singh from Ludhiana graduated from IIT Roorkee, got 99.83 in her very first attempt in CAT with Online CAT Coaching and converted the Holy Trinity IIM A, B, and C. Here are some preparation tips that will address most of the concerns witnessed among the students.

CAT Topper Strategy

Section-wise CAT Topper Strategy

Here are some section-wise CAT preparation tips that Gursimran incorporated in her exam preparation which will address most of the concerns that are witnessed among the CAT test takers.

Quantitative Ability

For the Quant section, the key is practice. There is no use having a bunch of formulas in your notebook and not knowing as how to apply them. Practice as many questions as possible. Use a book, take up an Online CAT Quant Course, solve questions online, take mocks and just try to work on your ability to decode the concepts that the question demands. Believe it or not, 90% of the questions in this section will be a twisted version of what you have already done, provided you know how to see beyond the range of phrases in which they are worded. After studying the basics, make solving questions a daily ritual. Keep trying to solve the problems quickly and the tables will have turned even before you realize it.

Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation

LRDI has always been the game-changer section. That’s because it is heavy on the time investment and can create a lot of panic in exam scenarios if you seem to be making no progress on a particular set. For this section, apart from the Online CAT LRDI Course, the “practice regularly” mantra that holds true no matter what, try to write the whole set down in a table format or whatever decoded form you are comfortable with as you go through the problem. Don’t create a mess because you may have to refer to it later. Most of the times, this simple act can decode a lot of problems for you. At this stage, time should not be your only concern. Just focus on getting the questions correct, keep solving and time will take care of itself in due course. In the mocks, if you are not able to get the hang of a set in the first 3-4 minutes after you have written it down, just move on and avoid wasting any further time.

Verbal Ability

CAT exam in the recent years’ tests your comprehending ability and not just your grammar or vocabulary skills. So, leave all that and just work on enhancing your comprehending abilities. Join an Online CAT Verbal Ability Course. Try to read some editorials every day. Practice RC passages and just focus on understanding the essence and what it means. Apart from this, make it a habit to solve 2-3 RCs every single day. If you get the answers wrong initially, consult the solutions and find out why your line of reasoning was incorrect and try to work on the alternate approach the next time. Just try to grasp the essence of everything you come across here in this section.

CAT Topper Strategy: Overview

“Success in CAT is a 50-50 thing, which means it is 50% what you have studied and 50% how your demeanor is at the time of the exam. Hence, I cannot stress enough on how important taking the mocks is for the actual exam. Enroll in 1 or 2 good CAT Mock Test Series and religiously track all their mocks. Nothing can be a better practice than sitting for three hours like in an actual exam because it will not only give you the ability to improve on sitting for that span, but it will also enable you to explore exams of all difficulty levels, at the same time giving you a very detailed insight as to where you stand with respect to the other CAT candidates as well as your past performances” said Gursimran.

Just keep in mind that clutter will get you nowhere. So, don’t try to hog every study material or resource that comes your way. Stick to what you have chosen for yourself so that there are no missing links or neglected topics for the final CAT exam. Be active in your classrooms or on whatever online learning portals you may be using for the purposes of CAT preparation. All in all, CAT is probably simpler than all the other entrance exams you may have already taken. Just think of it that way and you should be perfectly equipped to take on any challenge the IIMs may pose for you. All the very best!!