Conventus, the Annual Management Conclave organised by the student community of IMI, New Delhi, acts as a converging point for industry experts and management leaders across business disciplines. The event promotes industry interface and witnesses eminent personalities enlightening the students with their experiences. The three day event Conventus 2015 includes various summits in the world of Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Information Management, Analytics and Consulting, Economics, Entrepreneurship and Strategy.

conventus 2015

Conventus 2015

This year, Conventus will be held from August 21-23, 2015 with a theme quite relevant to Indian incorporation’s current and future economic scenario, “Emergent Vision to Enhance Reserves of the Global Value Chain: Building Brand India.”

The first decade of the twenty-first century marked a significant structural shift in the global economy. The emergence of ‘Global Value Chains’ that represent growing specialization and increased geographic fragmentation of production has been a governing characteristic of this shift, encompassing developing, emerging and developed economies. A concept that has revolutionised the perception of trade across the world, a ‘Global Value Chain’ comprises various activities that firms and workers undertake to bring a product from its conception to its end use and beyond, including design, production, marketing, distribution and support to the final consumer.

The apparent leap from primary to tertiary sector has left a chasm in the Indian economy’s growth story. While India has successfully become the service backyard of the world economy, much of the manufacturing needs are catered by our neighbour, China. With an increased focus on services, customer relations and mass customization, it has become increasingly important to think in terms of adding value to the global system. To mark a way forward for India’s participation in the global value system, the government triggered the ‘Make in India’ campaign in order to ‘Build Brand India’ with a focus on 5Ts – talent, tradition, tourism, trade and technology. This focus envisions India as a global superpower not only in terms of IT, BPO and call centres but also in terms of becoming the manufacturing hub for the occident in particular and the world in general. From adding monetary value to the system, we aim to shift to extract money and add value in kind. The quid pro quo remains – only the share of pie changes.

At Conventus 2015, corporate leaders will come together to discuss, deliberate, justify and elaborate the significance of evolution in terms of innovative offerings and their value-add to the economy. The concept of ‘Global Value Chains’ not only challenge the conventional view of looking at economic globalisation but also the policies that need to be developed around it. The need of the hour is to identify and overcome these challenges in order to shift the focus towards opportunities and achieve a strategic competitive advantage along the length of the entire value chain. This will help India to redefine its scope and rediscover its potential so that these reserves of the globe can be tapped efficiently and are explored and used effectively.